"There are so many positions of Love: each curve on a branch, the thousand ways your eyes can hold us, the infinite shapes each mind can draw, the spring orchestra of scents and sounds wafting through the air, the currents of light combusting like passionate lips, the revolution of the Universe's skirt, whose folds contain other worlds, our every sigh that falls against His inconceivably close, ominpresent, divine body." ~ Hafiz

"I am a hole in the flute that the Christ's breath moves through- listen to the music!" ~Hafiz

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Here are some topics here for anyone who  feels inspired to contribute their artistic & articulate input on. All submissions will be considered for a book which we intend to publish.

What do YOU feel should be included in a book on HOLY LOVE which would encompass all the topics necessary to weave all the World's Path's & Sacred Truths, building a bridge to Unite us all with our divinity as One?

Here are some topics & sub-topics which we have begun to compile:

HOLY LOVE IN ALL OUR RELATIONS:Sacred-Art-By-Michael-Garfield-1024x681
~Holy Love of Source Creation
~The Beginning & The End, Birth & Death...Egg, sperm, Womb, Spiral, Spirit...
~Receiving & Giving Love in All its forms
~Family Love, Community, Neighbors, Country, Global
~Mama Gaia, Elements & Sustainability
~Between Dimensions: Astral/Ancestral/Beings from other Dimensions
~Accountability, Forgiveness, Compassion


SACRED PLANT MEDICINE:2011-04-29-30-Cervantes-2011-05-20-21-Nelson-Ledges-Quarry-Park-2011-05-22-The-Church
~Shamanic Teachings
~The Use & Teachings of Ayahuasca & other Medicines, where we activate our internal Satellite dishes to receive transmissions of Truth from the Source of Holy Love

~Self-Love & Holy Love Service to Others/Community/World ~Bhakti & Karma Yoga  ~Humanitarian Work


EXPRESSIONS OF BEAUTY:michael-divine-the-glass-onion (1)
~Sacred Temple Dance
~Poetry, Prose & Song
~Gods & Goddesses as the highest divine expression of our Eternal Selves
~Visual Art thru Photography, Drawings, Paintings & Digital Art

~Weaving Religions, Spiritual Beliefs, Evolution, Science, Physics, Mystery School Teachings & Transmissions from other dimensions & Ascended Beings... while Identifying the primary Universal truths, i.e. where we are all expressing the same truths through different words, stories & themes. Let's  break it down to simplicity.
~Collecting quotes from around the globe, across space and time, which all point to the same Universal Truths.Luke-Brown-Andromeda

~Integrity: Say what you mean & Mean what you say.
~Embracing our Shadow & Suffering, while stepping in to our Power, Light & Magnificence.
~In order to embody our highest & step in to our Magnificence with one another, we must embrace Ahimsa(Non-Violence) through practicing Non-Violent Communication, aka Compassionate Communication.
~We are embodying Holy Love and attuning our frequencies to the Channel of Grace, as our Inner Soul's work to change the Outer World's reflection.We ARE the Master Architects of our Reality. We are creating the Field & the Field is creating us.


~Tantra Views from the Sufi, Hindi, Buddhist, Chinese
~A Now-Age Gospel Kama Sutra...
~The Holy Union of Shiva & Shakti within self
~The Thousand-Petaled Lotus
~Sacred Conscious Sexuality
~Healing the Shame
~Conscious Love-making vs Lust
~Marriage, Sacred Unions, Alternative Relationships

~Tantra Mantra



~What ARE our visions for ourselves, our Family, Tribe, Planet & Place amongst all Sentient Beings?
~What we Envision in the highest already exists in another dimension, so how may we best define, align & navigate our star-ships HOME?  This Holy Love Project, is for us all! May we ALL do our HOME-work! Amen, Allah, Selah, Om Namah Shivaya, Aho, Sat Nam, The Lamps of Atlantis Burn Bright! Holy Love.


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