Sofiah Thom

Magnetizing Your Beloved

Magnetizing Your Beloved by Sofiah Thom

I know there are so many of you who are longing to find your Beloved. And if you have a Beloved right now, so many of you long to keep that love alive.

We all have that strong desire to know what it is to co-create effortlessly with our life partner and soul mate.

Look inside your temple body. What thoughts, beliefs, and stories do you allow to move through you that are out of alignment with this desire for connection with your beloved?

Every thought your mind puts out comes back to you. What frequency do you put out that keeps this desire out of reach?

As a woman, you hold the power of creation. You hold the power of birthing a child, a new idea, a new project. You also hold the power of receiving your Beloved, receiving your highest YES. As a woman you consciously invite and you consciously birth everything you envision.

You must tap into these amazing magical aspects of being a woman.

You are worthy of receiving and creating this love. You deserve this. Feel that. You have to feel it in your body to call it forth. Whatever you are feeling that is not in alignment w this… Wash it away.

In order to create this space for a be-love-ed we must be-in-love with our selves.

What does it feel and look like to love yourself up so much that you attract a beloved that loves you just as you are?

Say YES to loving yourself. Fill up with your YES.

As you love yourself fully you become more magnetic. As you love yourself fully you become able to recognize and discern when somebody is in alignment with your highest Yes.

Whatever it is that you want to create more of in your life you have to feed that part of your life, every single day. You must commit to bring this into fruition. You have to water the seeds that you want to grow.

Pay Attention.

Trust you have everything you need to create a life of love and desire.

Commit to having this intimate loving relationship with yourself, tap into your feminine power of conscious creation, and I am certain you will attract a relationship that feeds you on every level.



Sofiah Thom inspires embodied Goddess Wisdom through the healing arts of sacred dance and creative spiritual practice. As a 4th generation spiritual teacher, a graduate of Naropa University in Expressive Healing Arts, a certified Yoga Teacher and student of Temple Dance, Sofiah's understanding and passion for the Divine Feminine is based on a lifetime journey of personal practice. Sofiah travels the world as a performer and teacher, sharing her wisdom with students seeking to connect with their unique purpose in life by recognizing the Magnetic Goddess within each of us.