Sacred Tribal Councils

EAGLE_N_CONDOR_01The Sacred Tribal Councils of Holy Love are about many things. We welcome you to an organic experience & shamanic tribal journey where all the participants share an equal part in bringing forth the Wisdom Gems of Truth from the Holy Source of Love's Divine Treasure Chest - through the Holy Spirit or the "wahe guru" within you.

We will each be "dialing up", becoming God's Satellite Dishes (through Intention, prayer, soul sounds, breath & invocations) where we receive and share the transmissions in the Council pertaining to topics that are introduced and ones which emerge.

We will each be called on to speak our truth ~ from heart, mind, dream & that which we Envision for ourselves both personally & collectively. As we are the Master Architects of our reality, the question then is: "What are we Creating Consciously? What is the Dream NOW?" Dreams often evolve or shift altogether.  We will explore how we are best serving our highest Soul purpose here & what may be needed for us to accelerate our growth to awaken the dream, to navigate our Soul's course to the desired/preferred reality which already exists in space and time.

photos taken by Hero Megan Elizabeth Frasheski,

PhoenasAtaraxia001For the past 20 years I personally have held a vision of a Performance Art & Healing Community, a "Conscious Activation Portal" -  living on sacred land together, where be bridge realities.

Over the years I have heard many people share similar visions and now I feel the push from Spirit to act as a catalyst to round-up the crew for the star-ship.

We will be asking in Council who present shares this vision of Conscious Community on Land and we will ask for the Spirit World's guidance as to how we navigate and ground in to this manifestation.

Jamaica Stevens is also looking to "Reinhabit the Village", and here is her project.


photos taken by Tyler Nilson

spirit-portrait-morgan-mandala-manleyThe dream, the vision, begins with the seeds of our Conscious Creation. We all hold special gifts and contributions. I have a gift in pulling together people and resources.!

Our Councils are about creating the space and time to adjust our frequencies and ask from each other, from Source, how we may best attune ourselves to an embodied compassionate state of grace. How may we best serve one another and hold each other up in the highest that our light may be seen?

We will ask reflections from the Council what areas within our personalities and egos need to be lovingly adjusted. We will each be offered a healing space for transformation, activation, purification & healing. Prepare to get raw and real.

Photos By Geneva Shanti -

d0bb6d29c80cdf6367941b57b9da6234We ask for HOLY LOVE in ALL our Relations...

We explore the challenges that knock us out of our center, and how to own Mastership of our "Control Panel", that others may not find our buttons so easily.

We say YES to unconditional love, even in the face of a perceived adversary. We celebrate our adversaries as our teachers, prompting us to grow, to cultivate an even deeper embodiment of Holy Love.

Our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities for growth.

We're in it to win it!


Photos By AJ Lovewins

HOLY LOVE: What are our stories? What are our lessons? What have we learned? What are the moments in our lives that we have truly known, felt & shared in such a deep & true love? In giving birth? In the passage of a Soul's departure? In a first kiss? What about those people in your lives who have really stepped up for you? What about those who haven't? Have you shut down any corridors of your heart? How would you like to know HOLY LOVE? What song is your heart singing? How does your heart wish to be reflected within a Beloved, within family, within tribe?

HOLY LOVE: What are our poems? Who are our favorite poets? Who are our teachers? What alex_grey_seraphic-transport1are the most amazing quotes to you? What are our songs? Our Soul's language will be encouraged...

We hope to inspire others with our authenticity and channeling of divine intent and purpose, to put out the invitation to the greater community for others to unite who feel called to align consciously & creatively with our specified pursuits. Some conversations from the videos from Councils will also be transcribed for the book, HOLY LOVE.

The book we are assembling is a Collection of Essays, Poetry, Quotes, Artwork & Photography on The Art of Shamanic Tantric Communion, HOLY LOVE, the Sacred Union within, with Source & in all Our Relations.

There will be a bibliography in the book, listing all the contributors, with brief bios & website links.

Other than this, HOLY LOVE is a broad subject... We wish to uncover the Light Matrix which unifies us all.

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