Shamana Ma

Under the Red Dome, Shakti speaks...

"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future." ~ Cloud Atlas

Under the Red Dome, Shakti speaks...

I exist, sharing the layers of consciousness... A head within a head within a head within a head within a head within a head within a head ... I have known this for a very long time. I drew this as a child, as Sharene Lee Lares, Sharing the Layers of consciousness.

I am she, that little girl. And I am old as the river of time, the River of Babylon. I am Queen Omega, the whore priestess drunk of the blood of the priests, the Kings, the saints and the martyrs. I am time... like the snake who devours its tail, I am here to share and reveal my tale.

I have many voices as I am many women, babbling through my waters, coursing through my veins, speaking through my dreams & surrounding me in my Temple.

I have been burned with fire while naked and I have been drowned by my lover’s hand. I have died and I have remembered union. I know how to speak my soul language and I allow other beings to speak through me.

I have fallen low, walked with thieves and I've been lifted high to converse with angels. I am sinner and I am saint. I know and remember what I have sacrificed that the world might be a better place. I have prayed and pleaded to hold on to my memories, to always remember that which I've been shown about this celestial glass dome.

I have seen what exists beyond the veils of the firmament. I have seen what travels inside the walls. I know some of what have been tests, trials and lessons in the House of many mirrors and Mansions.

Time is my teacher, my father, my mother. And while I am Queen Omega, there is no end to my existence. I am a magical alien witch angel, also known as Queen Sheba. I glide in and out of the watchtower time... "each changing each from before." I borrow from here, I borrow from there, sewing the tapestry of timeless truths.

I have been studied behind the glass, tested and tracked. I have been allowed to wander wild - "a free spirit" watching while being watched. Know this, that I trust in "them", the watchers who watch the watchers. I call them my guides, these higher watchers, for they are my family, my ancestors, my friends who are ascended, twinkling and winking in the night sky. Through them, I am told and shown how to create my fate, how to color in my scenes, how to redecorate.

I take mental snapshots of that which I wish to create and beam these visions in to my future fields to play within. Joyfully and willingly, I am at play in the fields of the Lord. God is everywhere and Goddess is in the details.

The Trumpets voice hath command, "Trust and surrender to me." ... Pushed underwater by an invisible hand, breathing in air divinely. Memories have flooded back, while time the illusion crumbles. And Natures truth to thee I stack, my faith and heart which fumbles, grasping and gasping for more, each changing each from before.

But what is mine and what is theirs or yours? What is the Divine mind which we all share?

In my life I have been called many things... all true. Yet what is truth but rivers of perception?

To channel this story, I have once again drawn my magic circle together, calling all my soul parts across space and time to be with me here now, to speak through me and share your layer. I include in my Circle some powerful priestesses who surround me in current and past day, all whom have their own perceptions in this cosmic play. They will speak in their own voices and tell their parts: Dakinis, friends, family and Lucy.

Yes, "Lucy in the Sky with diamonds"... my grandmother. She has an important role. She showed me the path of vision. She led me to my other grandmother, the Queen of the Forest.

I love you all, as I love my many selves. I love the Moon we share and under the fullness of her light which now shines, I begin to open to the telling of this journey. May we be blessed, protected and guided. May we come together as one under the Red Dome, inside of Shakti, bringing our stones and stories to lay bare.

In Holy Love to all my relations,

Queen Love of the Forest, Shamana Ma Shivakti Shaktiva Queen Sheba Sharene

Or simply, Queen Omega

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream... merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily - Life is but a dream."

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MY STORY: The Queen of the Forest & the Wish-fulfilling Jewel Flower

MY STORY: The Queen of the Forest and the Wish-fulfilling Jewel Flower 

"Rei Jagube e Mamae Rainha - From the Forest across to the Sea.

I am the Flower of the Waters and all wishes fulfilled through me."

I have never been to Brazil or Peru, yet I first did Ayahuasca 23 years ago. Back then, people only whispered about it and it was not commonly known about as it is today. Generally then it was said that once you had heard about it three times, she was calling you. I hadn’t been “called” to do it the first few times I had heard of it. It wasn’t until I had a serious ‘health opportunity’ that I said yes and took the dive.

In this first medicine  journey, I was taken up to higher vibrational realms, up to the Fountains of Bliss & the Flood of Ineffable Light. I found the Source Creation Light that I had been in Soul Communion with several years before in my NDE. Except this time, instead of being fully immersed into the full body orgasmic(x1000 voltage) heavenly light from crown to toe, blinded and bathing in pure light, this time I could open my eyes into the light and see into the most wondrous visions that I had ever hoped to behold.

I gasped. I shook. I wept tears of great joy as I communed with the Light once again. I was shown indescribable beauty and color. I longed to stay in this place and never leave. I would then be suddenly brought back to the place where I began, the human perception plane that I had come to know, and it seemed a shadow realm by comparison.

I would plead to be brought back “up”, and I was told that I must imitate the ecstatic energies, the breath and sound that had ripped through me to bring me up before. I was told I must vibrate “like a Hummingbird”.

So I did. I gasped, energetically convulsed by body in wave-like motions, heaving my chest upwards, breathing a very particular way and imitating the strange soul language that had come thru me before…and I ascended back to that plane. This happened again and again and again.

So I continued down the path of Ayahuasca, hand-in-hand with the Queen of the Forest the medicine’s Queen Teacher, for many years and over a hundred journeys. She was in me. She is in me. She is a part of my deepest Soul. She is encoded in my cellular DNA.  She is the true “Mother/Mama” in me.

As I have many Soul parts, it was she who I had needed back in place in my field, that I may truly live and feel alive and in joy. Truly now, “I am at play in the fields of the Lord.”

She taught me Yoga, pranayama, mudras, Soul Language, healing modalities, deep prayer and patience.

She offered me visions and transmissions as she brought me to the Holy Love Source again and again.

When embarking upon my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2003, I realized, “Oh, you call this that I am doing ‘pranayama’ or ‘this is what you call mudras’ and ‘this is what you call kundalini yoga’ and so on. The outside world already had names for that which she had imparted upon me.

Of-course I learned that makes perfect sense because at the base of the Tree of Yoga, where all schools of yoga and their modern day branches emerged from is Stone-age Shamanism.

That means, once upon a time, people just like us, ate & drank the plant medicines and their eyes were opened, their souls revealed. They also had their deep Tantric and Yogic transmissions showing them the ancient ascension ways to reach the stars and heavenly realms. These Stone-Age Shaman & Shamana transmissions would be passed on orally and then written down into Sutras and so on. All fruit of the Tree is for our timely understanding.

It is she who transformed my life in to a Shamanic Temple Tarot Ballad. And it is She, wise beautiful timeless crone within, whose healing rivers pulse through my veins as the Vine of my Soul speaks:

From the dark night of the Soul carried out of the abyss,
I surrender to thee in the Temple of Bliss!
From the deep Emerald Forest out to the vast Celestial Sea,
I follow the chorus to live Holy Love’s Great Mystery.

Here am I, muse, I’ve forgotten so long

singing thy will in poetic-verse-song to thee in the Mansions

and Mirrors of radiant light,

romancing thy power, thy glory, thy essence, thy might.

I’ve remembered my Beloved’s sweet place,

Beheld thy Beloved’s timeless dear face-

Embraced the flowers in the garden divine,

Reveling delight in thou mine and I thine.

Dear Grandmother, give me Strength to say what is right

Of truth, honor, passion and thou holy sight.

Allow me moral courage and Force of Will

To perceive Supreme energy and thy essence fulfill:

As Goddess Artemis, Durga, tamer of the Lion-

We’ll journey together to the Temples of Zion

And receive Holy Baptism from the Eternal Well

To believe and to see both Heaven and Hell.

For THIS I remember of my tender heart’s swoon,

The blast of light and the hummingbird’s tune.

My path half bound with shade and struggling free,

While my Love singing by an azure Sea!

Brought to the heavens in a Lightning Rod.

Brought to the foot of thee who is God.

Remembering my steps, remembering my place,

Accepting the gifts of this holy space.

This I remember of the golden stairs;

The dissolving world of woes and cares,

The evolving world of Faith and Love

Unfolding and blossoming to the Light above.

Sweet nectar flowing in a Fountain Divine,

The buzzing of Angels to bring thee to thine.

Quivering and Trembling, ecstatic and free,

Blissfully aware of the powers that Be.

Bathed in Remembrance

while clothed in a raiment of Light,

Then sent back to earth to speak Truth

of God’s Might.

Here are my words,

herein lies my Story,

I pray it befitting to thy Eminent Glory!

 ~ * ~

We all have the keys. The weight of each person’s talent is upon them.

The Universe is my Temple and the whole of existence, my church. In each breath I give thanks and with every beat of my heart I am driven by Truth. In fear and with desire, in agony and in ecstasy, I am inspired by the magnificent brilliance of Being.

I honor my body as a vessel for Cosmic Christ communion, experiencing my sacred reality granted me as a gift. Bit by bit, I clean and shine the many facets of my diamond, that I may radiate and sparkle in divine perfection.

I choose for Existence to use me in whatever ways serve my highest alignment. I am available. I am here to learn. With humbleness I pray to be of purpose, to live a life that is justified.

I pray to illuminate and create through me pure love, that I may be worthy to sit at thy lotus feet of the Mother, to drink the nectar of her compassion and be immersed in the well of living waters.

I free myself of my past that I may press “pause” and slip out of time awareness into the larger vastness of divine truth, into the majestic oneness of all that is eternal.

I surrender up myself to this Light which burns a holy fire in my heart: guiding me toward divine union, Holy Love. I am a star in my own reality and while “All the world’s a stage”, the Diamond essence within reveals that God is the only audience to perform for...

I give credit to the Father of Creation, to the “Pa”, I honor him.

Grandmother I drink your medicine, the vines with the tender grape, and I heal myself. I reclaim my innocence. I reclaim my inner sense. I accept myself as pure and whole forever. I embrace Bodhichitta, the excellence of the awakened heart.

The time of the singing of birds is come. We, children of the divine tree, children of the Sun and of the stars, are converging to call together our tribe under the Universal umbrella of Holy Love. We are all Love recreating itself.

I listen to all the members of my family tree.

The answers will come. I must not rush. We are here, after-all, in Eden. The petals of the flower open slowly. Fragrant, full of mystery from the dark depths of which that flower was seeded. All people have divine beauty seeded in their flower. I must be a good gardener.

In the infinity of space where the presence of God vibrates on Hummingbird wings, the divine beings illustrate through the visions as I am shown to live in the heart, not mind. I am shown to look both ways.

I am a part of the infinite I am. I create my fate through the irresistible power of divine magnetism. With the silent vibrations of my mind, I invite the Master Light Current to carry me in a Holy Ark toward the manifestation of my highest dreams.

Let whatever needs to come come, give and be given, take and be taken, that I may realize my existence.

Rei Jagube e Mamae Rainha - From the Forest across the Sea.

I am the Flower of the Waters and all wishes fulfilled through me.

Written By Sharene Shamana Ma

Artwork by Mariela de la Paz

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Christ and Krishna Connection

Christ and Krishna Connection

Despite their differences, Hinduism and Christianity have great similarities. And this is particularly prominent in the case of the life and teachings of the two central figures of these world religions, Christ and Krishna.

Similarities in just the names of 'Christ' and 'Krishna' have enough fuel for the curious mind to prod into the proposition that they were indeed one and the same person. Although there is little historical evidence, it is hard to ignore a host of likenesses between Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna. Analyze this:

(01)  Both are believed to be sons of God, since they were divinely conceived.
(02)  The birth of both Jesus of Nazareth and Krishna of Dwarka and their God designed missions were foretold.
(03)  Both were born at unusual places, Christ in a lowly manger and Krishna in a prison cell.
(04)  Both were divinely saved from death pronouncements.
(05)  Evil forces pursued both Christ and Krishna in vain.
(06)  Christ is often depicted as a shepherd; Krishna was a cowherd.
(07)  Both appeared at a critical time when their respective countries were in a torpid state.
(08)  Both died of wounds caused by sharp weapons — Christ by nails and Krishna by an arrow.
(09)  The teachings of both are very similar, both emphasize love and peace.
(10)  Krishna was often shown as having a dark blue complexion, a colour close to that of Christ Consciousness.

Similarity in Names:

Christ comes from the Greek word 'Christos', which means "the anointed one". Again, the word 'Krishna' in Greek is the same as 'Christos'. A colloquial Bengali rendering of Krishna is 'Kristo', which is the same as the Spanish for Christ — 'Cristo'.

The father of the Krishna Consciousness Movement AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada once remarked: "When an Indian person calls on Krishna, he often says, Krsta. Krsta is a Sanskrit word meaning attraction. So when we address God as Christ, Krsta, or Krishna we indicate the same all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead. When Jesus said, 'Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name', the name of God was Krsta or Krishna."

Prabhupada further says: "'Christ' is another way of saying Krsta and Krsta is another way of pronouncing Krishna, the name of God…the general name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose specific name is Krishna. Therefore whether you call God 'Christ', 'Krsta', or 'Krishna', ultimately you are addressing the same Supreme Personality of Godhead…Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said: namnam akari bahu-dha nija-sarva-saktis. (God has millions of names, and because there is no difference between God's name and Himself, each one of these names has the same potency as God.)"

God or Man?

According to Hindu mythology, Krishna was born on earth so that the balance of good in the world could be restored. But, there are many conflicting theories regarding his Godhood. Although, Krishna's story depicts him as the ultimate Lord of the Universe, whether Krishna himself is God or man is still a contentious matter in Hinduism.

Hindus believe that Jesus, like Lord Krishna, is just another avatar of the Divine, who came down to show humanity in the righteous way of life. This is another point where Krishna resembles Christ, a figure who is both "fully human and fully divine."

Krishna and Jesus were both saviours of mankind and avatars of God who have returned to earth at an especially critical time in the lives of their people. They were the incarnates of the Divine Being Himself in human form to teach human beings divine love, divine power, divine wisdom, and lead the benighted world towards the light of God.

Similarity in Teachings

These two most admired of religious icons also claim to hold the completeness of their religions by themselves. It's interesting to note how alike each one spoke in the Bhagavad Gita and the Holy Bible about the righteous way of life.

Lord Krishna says in the Gita: "Whenever, O Arjuna, righteousness declines and unrighteousness prevails, my body assumes human form and lives as a human being." He also says, "In order to protect the righteousness and also to punish the wicked, I incarnate myself on this earth from time to time." Similarly, Jesus said: "If God were your Father, ye would love me; for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of Myself but He sent me."

At many places in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said about His oneness with God: "I am the way, come to Me…Neither the multitude of gods, nor great sages know my origin, for I am the source of all the gods and great sages." In the Holy Bible, Jesus also utters the same in his Gospels: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well"

Krishna advises all men to continue working for the welfare of the state all through the life: "That man attains peace who lives devoid of longing, free from all desires and without the feeling of 'I' and 'mine'. This is the Brahman state…" Jesus too ensures man, "Him that overcometh 'I' will make a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go no more out."

Lord Krishna urged his disciples to follow the art of scientific control of the senses. An expert yogi can withdraw his mind from old temptations of the material world and can unite his mental energy with the joy of inner ecstasy or samadhi. "When the yogi like a tortoise withdrawing its limbs, can fully retire its senses from the objects of perception, his wisdom manifests steadiness". Christ too delivered a similar directive: "But though, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thy shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."

Krishna stressed the idea of the grace of God in the Gita, "I am the origin of everything, and everything arises out of Me". Similarly, Jesus said: "I am the bread of life, he that cometh to me shall never hunger and he that believeth in me shall never thirst."

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"Shamana Ma engages us with the immediate urgency of being alive. Her Tigress gait leads us thru the jungles of sacred abundance, by a masterful prowess to hunt for love in all of its glitter and fur, to jump and bite thru into the tender fire source of juice and joy. Again and again, leading thru the ancient gateways of the eternal lesson: to hunt and ravish our hearts desire until … we have finally found our greatest belonging … ourselves, lying naked and delicately alive on the fertile ground of truth." Michael G

Embracing the Unknown, I am a dakini, the embodiment of the goddess, a high priestess of sacred truth, a Shamana Ma priestess and healer.

I have trained in the sacred healing arts for the past 25+ years. My studies range ~ spanning from Religious Studies, Philosophy, Shamanism, Yoga, Healing, Bodywork, and Tantra.

I offer myself as a guide, as a muse, as a vessel for Love. I create a safe space for you to be your true self, to be met and mirrored, to surrender with the unfolding, the tender soul’s blossoming, where I offer my authentic self and my heart to you.