Bolahnod Richard Carlson

"The Coming Reign of Love" (a prophecy)

Imagine a world in which there is only one religion, the Way of Love, a mystical path of initiation. There is only one "church", a living fellowship of Holy Love (a spiritual organism, not an organization.

The only government is the reign of Love (on Earth as it is in Heaven). It is beyond the realm of anarchism, yet there is no ruler (an-archy) except the Spirit of Love enthroned in each heart. Love is the fulfilling of the Law, justice and mercy united at last. The Word is alive, written on the wind.

Energy comes from the sun, not nuclear fission or fusion, or the burning of fossil fuels. Uranium, coal and petroleum are left buried in the earth, where they are safe, where they serve a purpose in the internal life of the planet (as organs of the earth) and where the creativity of Love put them. Energy ultimately comes from the eternal Spirit of Love. A disciplined mind, under the guidance of Love, is flexible and fearless. A devoted spirit, united with Divine Love, is compassionate and wise.

Minds interpenetrate. As fear and suspicion give way to Love, trust and mutual respect, we learn that we are truly all One. We see through each other's eyes because we see through Love's eyes. We know as we are known.

Stealing, lying, violence, abuse and hatred have all been removed from our midst. No crime, no gangs, no police, no prisons, no possible injury to another that is not also seen to be self-injury and therefore not even contemplated. There are no guns, no bombs, no terrorism or warfare, no military-industrial complex, no conscription.

Money is but a relic, no longer recognized as having any value. The economy is now based on global cooperation. Competition is seen as a tragic superstition of an unenlightened age. Capitalism was shown to be as incapable of serving human needs as feudalism, slavery, socialism, communism, welfare statism and fascism. Banks and insurance companies no longer exist. There are no political parties. Freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are guaranteed to all, in accordance with the Divine gift of free will. Freedom of assembly and freedom of association are woven into the very fabric of the newly-born world community.

There are no T.V. commercials, no T.V. violence, and much less idle watching of television (that former idol). Even as a tool of communication and education, T.V. and the Internet are secondary to the telepathic resonance of our heart-minds, our ability to touch as One Consciousness. There is no censorship and no pornography. There is much poetry, storytelling, music and dancing. MYV and I-Tunes have been replaced by the Music of the Spheres (the eternal sound of Creation). There are no superstars because we all shine.

There is no use of cocaine, heroin, liquor or nicotine, for they are not needed. Our memories have been healed of pain and trauma. There is no mental illness, no psychiatry, the mind not dominated by the delusions of ego. Joyful enthusiasm is universal and the exchange of energy among us is warm and sincere. Every day is a holiday, a holy day, and there is only today, this moment, the eternal present (and it is a present from the Light of Love). This day is a celebration, a festival of true friendship.

Work is voluntary, inseparable from play. We are all creative artists and inventors, and our creations are freely given. Things are produced for our needs, not to be marketed for profit. Objects are not owned, "possessions" are used to enhance our mutual enjoyment of life. There is no hoarding. There is no garbage or waste.

Death has been overcome. Sickness and disease are a thing of the past: no AIDS, no cancer, no heart attacks, no toothaches. There are no unwanted pregnancies, no need for abortion, only conscious conception and natural childbirth. There is a decline in the birthrate, and the population is spread in harmonious balance upon the reborn earth. There are many colors among us, but only one race, the human race. We are again one tribe, and the rainbow is Love's reminder of how precious we are. The communion of Love is not a New World Order. We have a common language, as our tongue is no longer bewildered.

There are no countries, but much countryside. There are no borders, no guards, no passports. There are no ambassadors, yet multitudes of citizen diplomats. We are Emissaries of Love. There are no tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes or volcanoes. The animals are no longer carnivorous, nor are humans.

Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. We are caretakers tending the Garden. In your mailbox you find no bills or junk mail, only Love letters. There is no fashion industry and everyone is arrayed in splendor. There are no cosmetics and everyone is beautiful.

The Holy Land doesn't belong to Jews or Arabs, it belongs to Love. The holy land, as Black Elk said, is everywhere. Jerusalem is the City of Shalom/ Salaam. Love is the fertile soil in which peace grows. Love is the vibration that resonates off the walls we build, even as we learn to walk through them. There are no locks, no keys, no secret files, and no secrets to put in them.

Christ is our friend and elder brother. As Love Incarnate he healed, as Servant he died, as Radiant Love he was raised anew, proving Love is stronger than death. Everyone can now see this, no need for argument, proselytizing, persecution, doubt.

We share ecstatic vision, the awe of experiencing the Majesty of Love, a pulsing and glowing Creation, alive with wonder. Our efforts and our labors are pleasant. Life is a joyous challenge, and the reward is in the Love witnessed as we accomplish our tasks.



Bolahnod is simply one of Love's messengers. He has been a father, poet, artist, drummer, dancer, yogi, meditation teacher (including with prisoners), personal care attendant (with disabled adults), peace activist. He is the Minnesota coordinator of The Love Foundation (sponsors of Global Love Day annually on May 1). He is a longtime devotee of Holy Love.