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Awaken to the Universal Tantra of Truth, Holy Love.
We invite you to share your beauty, love, wisdom & gifts with the world. Please contribute to this collective broadcast and celebrate in the unified vision of heralding the Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth & Awakening, that we may live as free artists here now in Eden recreated.

May we open our hearts fully that all fear may be transformed by Holy Love into True Communion.

Philosophies, Religions, they are many, but the truth is just one.

All Visionaries and Change-makers are invited to play & pray with us thru this co-creative platform, by lending your art & voices to the expressions of Universal Truth.

Film-Makers, Activists, Tantra Teachers, Photographers, Artists, Musicians, Healers, Environmentalists, Writers, Yoga Teachers & Spiritual Leaders: Please bring what you feel should be included in the Holy Love Project, the new story, Book of Life. Share with us on the topics needed to weave the World Paths, Sacred Truths and the Universal Common Threads into one Tapestry, to unite us all with our path & purpose. Together we bring the Golden Dawn, to make divine.

The Petals of the Lotus they are many, but the Flower is just one.

It is very easy to create your profile: SUBMIT HERE. Follow the steps.

We regularly will make selections for our social media posts & HOLY LOVE PRESENTS Newsletter. Then once we have compiled a rich treasure chest of exquisite gems from this website, we will display our collective masterpiece:
HOLY LOVE, in book, videos & film.

For it is imagined, then written, so shall it be. May we sing & bring the New World Destiny.

Please also see our Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga for courses in Tantra Yoga & Transformation.
We are accepting applicants for 2021.

You may choose to get the Holy Love experience in-person by visiting our HEALERS Section.
We have Healers and Teachers available to Individuals, Couples and Groups (in classes/workshops/circles).

Our Menu includes: Video-Call Remote Sessions, Therapeutic Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Bliss Temple Bodywork, Tantric Bodywork, Private Yoga, Meditation, Counseling, Love Coaching, Tantra Education, Compassionate Communication, Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Journey Work, Shamanic Temple Dance, Shamanic Temple Yoga and Tantra Yoga .

We host regular devotional groups, in movement and in stillness. We cater private groups to your needs by request. Weddings and Sacred Union Celebrations also available.

Our Healing Collective Temples of Holy Love are located in:

New York City | San Francisco | Oakland | Marin County | Venice Beach | Los Angeles

Please see the bottom of our Healers page for all the phone numbers specific to each location.

There is only one presence here, it is harmony. There is only one presence here, it is love.

This sanctuary is filled with the presence of Holy Love. The true purpose here is to awaken.

Holy Love LLC - PO Box 966 Fairfax, Ca 94978