*If your name is on a professional website - great! Otherwise, if you are an actor or director, simply be ready to show Guild Card, if student - a student ID, if an employee of another company - a paycheck stub, and soforth.
This information is not stored or retained, after your first visit you establish a nickname, which is all that we hold on to (along with partial phone number digits, so we know when you call again that you are truly that person).

Because most of our Holy Love temples are located in private live/work spaces, for both our safety and yours, we need to know a few things about you before we schedule a booking. Your information will not be stored or retained. This is just our screening policy for your first session with us.

Please tell us your profession, where you work or where you attend school if you are a student.
*Please understand you will need to show us a valid driver's license or passport upon arrival, that we may know you are truly the person whom we had screened & verified.


San Francisco Entire Bay Area

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Los Angeles Area

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New York

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More Cities

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Purely Therapeutic Offerings

k5-682x1024Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage Therapeutic massage with long, comforting effleurage strokes of light-to-medium pressure improve circulation and evoke a warm, soothing sensation. This massage is perfect for a first time massage and for those that need to escape the stress of life and enter into a world of total relaxation. Hot Stones & Deep Tissue also available from some therapists.

Healing Shamanic Bodywork This is transformational bodywork: a deep journey for your soul, an ancient healing art working on the physical & luminous energy body to clear, restore, harmonize & balance your system. Using a combination of massage, breathwork & shamanic healing practices (chanting, toning, feathers, smudging, flower waters, aromatherapy, Reiki, Soul Retrieval), this work can have profound restorative effects on one’s overall well being.

Private Yoga  & Meditation Originally, yoga was taught one-on-one, passing knowledge & experience from teacher to disciple. Understanding the importance of individualizing yoga to meet the needs of each student, we offer private yoga. Begin your practice, get deeper insight into specific practices, or spend time working with an existing condition with personal guidance from one of our qualified yoga teachers.

ss01-copy Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach Being spiritual is about living in harmony with that part of our-self that is connected to the Source of Creation. Bring your willingness to be cracked open, to surrender, dive in, dig deep to discover your truth &  your personal connection to your divine self. Once you are able to connect to your higher self, your approach towards the issues of life & towards others changes. With this change, your pain takes a new meaning and life gains a new enthusiasm for a more meaningful growth. Create a Life That’s a Masterpiece! Share your visions with a Life Coach,  be guided & inspired to manifest the life which is the expression of your highest excitement.

Couples Counseling/Love Coach Whether you are single or in a relationship, allow one of our couples counselors/Love Coaches to show you how to “do love well.” Doing love well is about being, embodying & emanating Love while expressing your heart from a space of Love. Learn Compassionate Communication skills & the Law of Attraction. Uncover & remove the blocks to your relationship happiness or to your attracting a partner.

  • find out exactly how to get what you need, how to attract your heart’s desires.
  • eliminate deeply ingrained patterns of communicating that are preventing you from having the relationship you want.
  • move away from struggle and stress toward trust &  feeling more appreciated and loved.

Tantra Education ~ this is “tantra over tea,” conversation only. What about Tantra intrigues you? How can you bring a living embodied relationship with Tantra in to your life with your Beloved or alone with your self?

All-Day Guided Shamanic Spiritual Journey ~ The first step is to schedule a Counseling session to determine if this level of in-depth soul discovery & transformational healing is for you. Email 

Healers in Premier Collective Spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area: 

San Francisco/SOMA: (415) 683-7607 Shangrila Temple 
Downtown Oakland/Convention Center: (510) 545-6834 Zen Temple
Marin County/Northern San Rafael-Southern Novato: (415) 683-0703 Lotus Temple
 West Marin County/San Geronimo Valley (415) 574-0219 Forest Temple *Established clients only* / by request

Healers in Premier Collective Spaces in the Los Angeles & Orange County Areas: 

Larchmont Village: (213) 290-4467  Sky Palace Temple
Venice Beach-Marina Del Rey: (323) 521-9776  Marina Temple
Orange County - Newport Beach: (949) 734-0532  Mystic Island Temple

 Healers in Premier Collective Space in New York City / Manhattan: 

NY Midtown West: (646) 580-6150   Nirvana Temple

Healers in Affiliate Private Spaces:

Newport Beach, California: (949) 734-0532  Kat V & Violet Jolie/Mystic Island Temple
Redwood City, California: Sasha Nicole/Heart Temple ~(650) 489-1711
By Telephone with Queen Love


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