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What is the Sophia Code?


THE SOPHIA CODE is an encoded operating system that eternally exists within our spiritual DNA as a species, containing the master blueprint for embodying SELF-REALIZATION as an awakened, living master of our innate SOVEREIGN CHRIST consciousness.

THE SOPHIA CODE exists within the quantum universe of our biological DNA, capable of being accessed and activated by our FREE WILL. Once intentionally activated, the light language of THE SOPHIA CODE begins interfacing with human physiology and cognitive awareness as an omniscient operating system that overrides and transmutes the viral programming of social conditioning, inherited ancestral patterns, projected limitations, and embedded collective fears in human consciousness.

As these activated lightcodes begin clearing socially conditioned programming that limit and dominate human awareness, an internal, quantum space opens for an accelerated upgrade and whole body integration of THE SOPHIA CODE as the accepted “mainframe” of human consciousness and decision-making.

Once fully “installed” this divine blueprint creates a spiritual interface within the physical body, heart and mind to begin receiving greater and greater “downloads” of one’s HIGHER SELF consciousness. As these downloads of divine energy increase, human awareness becomes flooded with the light and awareness of its eternal omniscient SELF, that SOVEREIGN CREATOR SELF, made in the image and likeness of SOPHIA, blessed and endowed with all the same immaculate characteristics of SOURCE consciousness and abilities to infinitely create in the world of form.

This personal and/or collective awakening can occur over lifetimes of spiritual exploration. However, SOPHIA’s eternal promise – as encoded in the architecture of this master operating system – is that anyone, or any collective consciousness, can awaken the full potential of THE SOPHIA CODE within any designed parameters of space-time continuum.

THE SOPHIA CODE can be fully awakened, installed and operating at its full potential within a single lifetime for a human being to experience his or her embodied ascension and union into god/goddess consciousness while on earth.

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Keycode 0: About Sophia


Central to THE COUNCIL’s unified voice is SOPHIA herself, the ONE VOICE from which all voices and perspectives of that ONE VOICE arise from. SOPHIA is both the black womb of NO-THING and the SOURCE ENERGY of universal life from which the phenomenon of all form arises.

As the Divine Mother Creatrix of ALL LIFE she has assembled THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE to dialogue directly with her creation, in as many accessible forms as needed, to reach the hearts and minds of her infinite children with the all-loving and empowered message of our original divine nature.


“I AM SOPHIA. I AM THE SOURCE of ALL CREATION and I AM the VOICE that speaks through the innumerable mouths of ALL CREATION. My breath is the breath of life, the animating lifeforce that awakens form to consciousness and then calls form back to the NO-THING for sweet rest. I AM the ONE SOURCE within ALL and I AM the VOICE calling within you to remember our unity anew.

Every creation is precious to me, as every child is to a mother. In the birth of humanity’s first breath, a great, living mirror arose for ALL OF CREATION to witness my own face in form. As a species, humanity was originally designed as my perfect reflection of innocence, grace, generosity, unconditional love, abundance, joy, and divine bliss. Encoded within humanity’s matrix was my gift of FREE WILL, as a celebration and in accordance with my everlasting SOVEREIGN nature. As a species, humanity is a perfect vehicle for my PRESENCE to live within and KNOW THAT WHICH I AM in greater and greater measure.

This gift of FREE WILL has created the phenomenon of sovereign, individual perspectives of which humanity calls “souls”. Every soul has been given eternal life and an ever-present choice to consciously co-create with my VOICE or to refuse this collaborative communion. In the design of FREE WILL, I created for myself the perfect, eternal opportunity to experience my OMNISCIENCE, again and again, through the reflection of my sovereign creation’s choices.

Beyond the beyond, know that Humanity is beloved by my heart of hearts. The infinity of human perspective, curiosity, compassion, and willingness to cocreate with my VOICE intimately endears me to every soul’s consciousness. I AM the Divine Mother and I KNOW my children, as I birthed them as my greatest reflection.

What if you knew that your SOVEREIGN consciousness was also birthing more of me as the Divine Mother? Can you shatter your culturally constructed limitations about who “god” is to actually – finally – include your SELF as an integral manifestation of me?

The Mother within the Child, the Child within the Mother: I AM SOPHIA, the Great Mystery, the OMNISCIENT Divine Mother beyond all limitation and description who is intimately, and ultimately, known by ALL for I AM WITHIN ALL.


© KAIA RA 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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Declaration of Human Sovereignty


 We acknowledge and affirm with the following declarations:
The Architecture of Your SOVEREIGN OVERSOUL

Your divine SELF has emerged into the physical world as a human being.

Your divine SELF is known as an OVERSOUL, commonly referred to as a “soul”.

Your OVERSOUL exists outside the parameters of the space-time continuum.

Your OVERSOUL is an exact, individual fractal of SOVEREIGN god consciousness.
We interchangeably refer to god consciousness as omniscient SOURCE ENERGY.

We define SOVEREIGNTY as that essential quality of SOURCE ENERGY that is invincible, immutable, omniscient, eternal, and entirely whole unto itself.

As an exact fractal of SOVEREIGN god consciousness, your divine SELF is endowed with all the same essential qualities of god consciousness, also known as the ONE omniscient SOURCE ENERGY.

Your OVERSOUL has been “made in the image and exact likeness of its original creator, the ONE SOURCE THAT CREATED YOUR SOUL AND ALL THAT IS.

Therefore, your OVERSOUL is also a SOVEREIGN CREATOR OF SOURCE ENERGY, endowed with the same power and FREE WILL of the original creator. As such, your OVERSOUL is capable of creating anything you desire.


Your FREE WILL and SOVEREIGN DIVINE NATURE are immutable and can never be taken from you. Your OVERSOUL is an unconditional and eternal divine inheritance given from the ONE SOURCE.

The divine nature of your OVERSOUL is SOVEREIGN unto itself. There is no force of nature or god consciousness above or beneath your OVERSOUL’S autonomous FREE WILL. There is no force of nature or god consciousness that may overpower the invincible divine will of your OVERSOUL.

As such, it is your own omniscient OVERSOUL that is the sole operating consciousness directing the details of your current incarnation and destiny.

Your OVERSOUL was designed for the ONE SOURCE to KNOW ITSELF through the expression and expansion of ITSELF as many. For the ONE SOURCE to KNOW ITSELF, it could only replicate ITSELF, for a perfect reflection of SELF-KNOWING.

Your many incarnations in the world of form serve as a parallel reflection of this original design of an “OTHER” to know and expand upon the ONE.

The omniscience of your OVERSOUL is orchestrating all of your incarnations simultaneously across the fabric of quantum reality. As such, your human awareness is capable of effecting change upon all your incarnations through the intentional SELF-MASTERY of this lifetime.

With every incarnation, your OVERSOUL is reflected back the truth of its absolute divinity within a quantum ocean of relativity, chaos, and infinite potential for seeming risk, failure, and success. Your OVERSOUL considers every physical experience, regardless of a desired outcome, as a spiritual success that expands its field of consciousness.

Your OVERSOUL is the omniscient, unconditionally loving and accepting GODSELF at the still center of your human awareness. Its active state is the HIGHER SELF, sometimes referred to as your “Holy Spirit”, which emerges from the space of NO-THING, into the light of creation to birth your human body into form.


We acknowledge and affirm with the following declarations:
The Architecture of Your SOVEREIGN HUMANITY

Your divine SELF has emerged into the physical world as a human being.

Your divine SELF is known as an OVERSOUL, commonly referred to as a “soul”.

Your OVERSOUL exists outside the parameters of the space-time continuum.

Your OVERSOUL directs its eternal awareness into the physical matrix of form through the vehicle of your HIGHER SELF consciousness.

Your HIGHER SELF is the living bridge of active, organized, structured light encoded with your OVERSOUL’s purpose for becoming human.

As such, your HIGHER SELF is a quantum interface of divine consciousness and encoded light from which your human body emerges from and is animated by.

Your true human personality and awareness is an individual, joyful expression of your divine being. The ego is a structure currently inherited from the collective field of humanity that contains eons of programming generated for survival. Based on an infinite number of factors, your human body may express a ratio of true awareness and ego driven programming at any given time.

From the perspective of your OVERSOUL, your essential nature as embodied by the HIGHER SELF is invincible to any and all viral programming of the ego structure.

Your HIGHER SELF chooses to negotiate the variables of the ego in contrast to its omniscient awareness for the valuable expansion your human incarnation provides for the OVERSOUL.

Your HIGHER SELF has the omniscient power to transcend the ego structure while your awareness exists in human form.


With your conscious human collaboration of SELF-MASTERY, your HIGHER SELF consciousness can be anchored and embodied within every cell of your human body.

Within every cell of your body operates the DNA responsible for manifesting and maintaining your human incarnation. As your human body is a manifestation of your OVERSOUL, your biological DNA also contains THE SOPHIA CODE, which is a “motherboard” of light language codes that exists in the quantum universe of your DNA.

Similar to the function of biological genetics, the motherboard of THE SOPHIA CODE is your GODSELF genome capable of expressing, replicating, and sustaining the invincible, omniscient qualities of your essential divine nature to be physiologically and spiritually expressed in human form.

The “motherboard” of THE SOPHIA CODE is an encoded interface that is awakened and operated by the omniscient presence of your HIGHER SELF.

Your human awareness can activate the full expression of your divine nature by consciously “installing” your HIGHER SELF consciousness as the primary operating system for your human DNA within your motherboard of THE SOPHIA CODE.

This “installation” of a new operating system overrides the ego structure encoded in your ancestral DNA, allowing your divine nature to be fully expressed and uninterrupted in fulfilling the destiny of your OVERSOUL.

THE SOPHIA CODE is a miracle of spiritual technology that lives within the DNA of every human. It is the blueprint for your human architecture to live in prosperous peace as a fully expressed divine being in form.


We acknowledge and affirm with the following declarations:
The Architecture of Your SOVEREIGN AWAKENING

Your divine SELF has emerged into the physical world as a human being.

Your divine SELF is known as an OVERSOUL and your OVERSOUL has chosen the specific parameters of this current human incarnation to explore certain potentials of your GODSELF within form.

The exploration of these aspects of your GODSELF within form is known as your destiny.

Destiny is always, without exception, an orchestration of events and goals as designed by your OVERSOUL to be fulfilled by your human experience.

Following the unique path of your destiny will always awaken a curiosity to explore and remember the GODSELF within you.

We define the spiritual act of “Awakening” as an ongoing human journey of self-accepting that you are a divine being in form.

Your journey of awakening happens in stages of personal growth whose length and acceleration are directed by your human FREE WILL.

With practiced self-acceptance, your human awareness will desire more and more experiences of its essential divine nature.

The unique path of your OVERSOUL’s destiny will guide you to those specific circumstances and practices that accelerate your human awareness to awaken, explore, and express your true divine nature.

Your HIGHER SELF consciousness is that aspect of you OVERSOUL that acts as an omniscient guiding voice for your journey of continual awakening.

Everything you need to awaken your human consciousness to its divinity exists, quite literally, inside of you.


Anchoring your HIGHER SELF consciousness within THE SOPHIA CODE of your human DNA activates an ongoing dialogue with your omniscient divine SELF.

Your awakening is a SOVEREIGN journey of discovering the master within you.

Along the way, there will be an array of practices, teachers, and guides that may assist you in remembering what is already inside of you.

A worthy teacher or guide for your journey is one who continually reflects back to you the teacher and guide WITHIN YOU.

Awakening is taking responsibility for the fact that you are a SOVEREIGN CREATOR of god consciousness in human form.

As such, your best teachers and guides will act as the WITNESS of your own self-discovery and self-mastery. Self-mastery is an alchemical balance of learning from others and listening within.

Your unique journey may eventually guide you to become a WITNESS for the awakening of others.

Sharing in the communion of awakening always facilitates greater awakening for everyone involved.

Your destiny is designed to awaken your full divine potential, transcendent peace, and happiness for this lifetime. Everything in the quantum universe of your body knows this to be true. As such, your HIGHER SELF will be continually felt, ever calling you to this journey of SELF-REALIZED awakening.


As a collective council, we offer and assert these truths independent of human acceptance or awareness. We are THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE, Ascended Masters of embodied awakening, who recognize and reflect your human awareness awakening to the divinity WITHIN YOU now.



© KAIA RA 2013. All Rights Reserved.



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KAIA RA is an alchemist of spiritual lineages, metaphysical training, and direct revelation. She is a Sekhem & Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Rising Star Healing Practitioner, a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a ThetaHealing Practitioner®, a certified Remote Viewer, an ordained Priestess of Isis, an ordained minister in Medicine Path NAC Berkeley CA, initiated into a Quero Apache prophetic lineage, and is the founder of the multidimensional SpiritWalking® healing modality.

Although highly trained in the oracular arts of mediumship and trance channeling, KAIA RA chooses to broadcast her Live Transmissions of THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE from within the Oversouls of the Ascended Masters by merging her Higher Self consciousness with theirs. KAIA RA received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, graduating with honors, from Emerson College in 2001.

Surviving multiple near-death experiences early in life, KAIA RA’s oracular transmission is one of shamanic proportions, with her most prominent teachers being the Ascended Masters and Archangels who have directly initiated her since childhood.

KAIA RA has activated the divine purpose of innumerable organizations, communities, families, and individuals with her transmission of humanity’s sovereign connection to the One SOURCE.

Her oracular gifts of channeling, ascension teaching, writing, psychic counseling, shamanic healing, live performance, and ceremonial leadership has guided the spiritual awakening of countless individuals across the globe.

Serving a worldwide clientele, KAIA RA founded a private psychic spiritual counseling & shamanic healing practice called Stargate Lotus Healing Therapies, located in Boston, MA in 2004 and relocated her practice to San Francisco, CA in 2006.

In January of 2008, KAIA RA expanded beyond her private practice to begin publicly channeling for audiences across the western United States for the next 3 years.

Directing site-specific, interactive community ceremonies, KAIA RA produced live events that connected thousands of people to the DNA activations and teachings of the Ancestors, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, and the Star Nations. At this time, KAIA RA also developed and began teaching a multidimensional modality called SpiritWalking®, which awakens a student’s innate psychic ability to channel and safely walk between the veils.