“Love in its essence is Spiritual Fire, and to Love and be Loved is to feel the Sun from both sides!” 

It is with joy & honor to offer alternative & traditional Spiritual Ceremonies to celebrate life & the union of souls: weddings, vow renewal ceremonies and Tantric commitment rituals. 

I will work closely with the Couple to co-create a custom wedding flow, script and vows which best express the sacred beliefs shared by the Couple. You may also choose to combine your wedding or commitment ceremony with private tantra coaching/counseling.

I am an ordained minister, a facilitator of Shamanic Journeys, a Tantra Yoga Teacher and Healer. 

My intention is to assist Couples in aligning with their souls truth & future together, to further awaken their divine magic,  synergy,  beauty and power, to facilitate soul-remembrance of Divine Union, Holy Love.

 I offer to you the palette on which to design a personalized ceremony. I aim to create a safe, sacred space for you to make your Union truly Special.

Our Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga also has a beautiful private property in the Northern California Woods for small weddings to be held. Send email to inquire. Please share your intention, vision & wedding party size.

Fees & services range and vary, based on needs.

For more information, please contact Shamana Ma

Holy Love
Divine Union
Marriage - Partnership
What are you committing to?
What values are most important to you?
What spiritual traditions do you wish to weave in?
What is the "mood": reverent? joyful, devotional? playful? 
What are your feelings about the rewording of traditional vows? 
Do you want the guests to be witnessing or actively engaged some way?  
Do you wish for me to ask you the questions which you respond to in your vows, or
express what Holy Love/Marriage is then pronounce that each of you will speak your vows?
Feelings on: "In sickness and in health?" "Till death do us part, for as long as we both shall live?"
How do you wish to be witnessed before your family & (God? Source of Love? Ancestors? Angels...?)
What are the most impactful pieces of other people's weddings which have touched your heart profoundly?
 Views on the soul contract to support growth in one another, as mirrors to reflect one another on your soul's path?
How would you feel about a fusion of sacred prayers being spoken to bless the opening, Aramaic-Shamanic-Hindi...?
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