Yoga & Psyche 30 hour immersion

yoga & psyche

Yoga & Psyche 30 hour immersion on April 21, 2017 in Corte Madera, CA : Are you looking for ways to integrate somatics, embodiment practice, and yoga into your therapeutic practice? For over 20 years, I have immersed myself in parallel studies and professional practice of psychotherapy, somatics, and yoga, and have been teaching psychotherapists, physical therapists, mental health workers, doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, and those interested in these subjects how to integrate the yoga and other powerful somatic practices into their professional and personal lives.
I want to invite you all to my first collaboration with the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute (SETI) as we together offer a 30-Hour on Immersion in Spring, 2017 on YOGA & PSYCHE: Where Somatic Experiencing Meets Yoga.
This depth immersion - open to all levels of Somatic Experiencing and Yoga practitioners - introduces practitioners to the foundational principles and practices of Somatic Experiencing® through explanation, demonstrations, and partner work. We will then discover how these practices blend seamlessly with yoga, including asana/postures, breathwork, and meditation, and visualization.
Through this highly experiential immersion, students will:
- Understand and review core practices of Somatic Experiencing including resourcing, titration, and pendulation
- Discover how to bring core practices of Somatic Experiencing into yoga practice and teaching in order to receive and offer deeper psycho-somatic benefits
- Explore the emotional level of yoga asana and discover how to utilize yoga practice to process trauma in personal practice and/or teaching
- Learn to use yogic practices to enhance therapeutic work with clients
- Discover how Tantric yoga philosophy and practice seamlessly links yoga and Somatic Experiencing
The immersion can be taken in-person or at a distance from anywhere throughout the world. There will be a 3-day intensive offered in-person in Marin County, CA, or at a distance (via video), as well as (two) 3-hour livestream more

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