The Gift of the Equinox

The Gift of the Equinox on September 22, 2016 in Petaluma, CA : Why take the time to do this Equinox Ceremony?
FRANCIS RICO: We've all become increasingly anxious and concerned about the destructive insanity at wo rk in our world.
And we've been asking ourselves, “What can I do?”
Our Equinox Ceremony is a celebration of an answer to this question. This answer arrives as a profound gift direct from the heart of Creation - to our gathering on Thursday September 22, the evening of the 2016 Fall Equinox.
We'll prepare to open our hearts, our eyes, and our minds with the support of ancient practices that generate true connection with the deep flow of life affirming love and sparkling intelligence that is being offered to us!
This gift of the Equinox is an inevitability of our Cosmos – the gift is coming to us in the same way that the early morning sky lights up well before dawn – showing us with great clarity that there is a way to live with love, and without fear.
What's involved in a shamanic ceremony?
In the old wisdom traditions, what we call balance, and see as something precarious and very easily upset, was understood to be harmony.
But to hear life's harmony takes listening with a level of sensitivity that requires dedication and practice.
For example, a meditation practice based on following your breath – listening to the in-breath bringing inspiration, and hearing the out-breath giving expression.
Our focus on external events, and what we can do about the continuing not-so-slow-motion train wreck of progressive life extinction on our planet, is a continual out-breath – an ongoing expression of our outrage, distress, concern, and alarm.
Knowing this brings a new light to what this coming Equinox makes possible. It is more

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