Stephen Day & Friends


Stephen Day & Friends on September 18, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA : Highways Performance Space Artistic Directors Leo Garcia & Patrick Kennelly Present:
Stephen Day & Friends
Global Music, Dance & the Art of Sahaja Me ditation
Stephen Day - Indian Classical Music played on the Sarod
Imran Raza - Sufi Vocals and Poetry
Anny Lieberman - Vocals
Joseph Peck - Steel Drums
Natasha Wolfe - Indian Classical Dance
Eric Sedorovitz - Gongs, Cymbals, Bells
$20 Adult / $15 Student
Ticket Information / Phone Reservations: 310-315-1459.
Purchase tickets online @
Sponsored in part by Akbar Cuisine of India
Pasadena - Santa Monica - Hermosa Beach
The evening festivities will include;
- An interactive music and meditation journey through the subtle system of chakras and energy channels ending with a silent meditation
- An Indian Dance recital featuring Bharat Natyam style dance.
- A 'Steel on Steel' world music exploration with Caribbean style Steel Drums and Sarod (a nineteen stringed fretless Indian instrument)
- A Vocal Performance with Conscious Classic Songs interpreted in new light with an emphasis on Universal Eternal values.
- A soul searching Sufi vision quest with inspired poetry, music and song.
Additional Info:
Sahaja Meditation - (
Sahaja Meditation is a simple time-honored technique. It helps reduce stress and increase wellness. Anyone can do it. It is also free.
Joseph Peck - Steel Drums ( )
“Joseph Peck's sensitive touch coupled with his ability to listen creates music from beyond time and space”
Mariane Karou - founder of Dance Alive, Inc.
Anny Lieberman - Vocals ( )
Anny Lieberman is a singer best known for her remarkable ability to deliver amazing performances in a wide range
of musical styles. She has embraced music and meditation in transforming to a new direction in her career and highly recommends it to anybody looking for a joy more

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