Orgone Energy w/Sharon Daphna


Orgone Energy w/Sharon Daphna on October 1, 2016 in San Rafael, CA : Orgone Energy: The Solution To Pollution & EMF In the Home — Rediscovering our personal power to clean our world and increase our consciousness
Sharon Daphna is an orgone energy worker, researcher, writer, activist, and host of The Human Frequency on American Freedom Radio. In this presentation, she will offer a holistic explanation of the interconnected environmental and health issues of weather modification programs (often called chemtrails or geoengineering), electromagnetic (EMF) radiation in our homes and cities, and the feelings of depression and confusion that many of us are feeling in our changing world.
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What makes this talk different from others is that Sharon has a solution to all of these problems, orgone energy, a free energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich decades ago, and long suppressed by the government, military, and medical establishment. We can all access this energy, which has had many different names before its scientific discovery, including chi and prana. She will explain simple devices we can make to generate orgone, and how this energy is a natural part of the Earth and ourselves.
You will leave feeling better, knowing that there is no one you need to contact or convince to eliminate air pollution and dangerous radiation from your life, because you will now have the ability to clean your own home and neighborhood, and experience improved health and mental well being. Working with orgone is a consciousness expanding activity, which shows you the power you already had, but didn't realize, to live in a clean and beautiful world, be healthy, and have a clearer and more peaceful mind.
This workshop will take place at the TMS Performing Arts center, 150 N. San Pedro Ave (near the JCC) on October 1 from more

2 thoughts on “Orgone Energy w/Sharon Daphna

    1. Love this and you! Thank you so much! I go nuts seeing the Chemtrails. They are here all the time i would love to make orgone to put all around the towers by us and out around home here. Please let me know if your doing any classes in Northern California? Maybe you could help me find the stuff to put together were to buy?
      I can’t thank you enough for all your doing!!

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