Inlakesh Festival

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Inlakesh Festival on June 24, 2016 in Ashland, OR : The producers of Peace Village Festival proudly present the 3rd annual Inlakesh Festival - Sacred Ceremony, Music, Art, and Dance Gathering on June 24 th - June 26th at Jackson Wellsprings Hot Mineral Springs Resort in Ashland, Oregon. Inlakesh brings sacred traditions from around the world to Southern Oregon for a weekend filled with renowned devotional musicians and a vast array of divine mystic offerings, from workshops and yoga to dance and ceremonies.
The festival highlights 3 nights of world music and sacred sounds with beloved musicians including Tina Malia, Simrit Kaur, Sasha Rose, Elijah Ray, Freedom, Diane Patterson, Marya Stark, Zahira, Ancient Wild, Alexa Sunshine Rose, Solus, and more! Two full days of conscious workshops and ceremonies will renew and inspire participants. Experience a Cacao Ceremony, Qigong, several forms of Yoga, Thai Massage, a Native American Wisdom Circle, Choral Singing, Shamanic and Sound Healing, Sufi Zikr, Hawaiian Ho`oponopono, and much more. Sacred Dance is an important part of Inlakesh, with Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, Ecstatic dances, and late night dances in the Casbah.
The world class Visionary Art Show at Inlakesh showcases pieces from Victoria Christian, Lindy Kehoe, Martin Ball, Erial Ali, and others. Beautiful venues at the festival include the Luscious Lounge, Om Dome, Sacred Meadow, Goddess Temple, Apple Island, and Casbah Pavilion.
Inlakesh is held at Jackson WellSprings which offers a healing immersion replete with a hot mineral soaking pool, full size swimming pool, dry sauna, steam bath, meadows and gardens.
The word "Inlakesh" is a traditional Mayan greeting—based on the law of InLak'ech Ala K'in—which means “I am another you ~ You are another me.” This Mayan greeting is an honoring of each being, a statement of unity and oneness. Inlakesh is the Mayan equivalent of “Namaste,” a more

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