Costa Rica Clarity Breathwork


Costa Rica Clarity Breathwork on July 11, 2016 in Guanacoste, : Clarity Breathwork Retreats & Training Program
PachaMama Ecovillage, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
July 11 - 18, 2016
Clarity Breathwork is life changing! It is a profound healing modality to shift energy patterns on a deep level and open to more of who we really are. The first 8-day retreat for your own personal healing and rejuvenation. If you are interested in being a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner or adding Clarity Breathwork to an existing practice, you can Join us for our 7 - 8-day Level 3 & 4 in Northern California in October or PachaMama in February, 2017. There has never been a stronger need for healers in the world than now! This program will give you the tools you need to set up a successful healing arts practice.
Pachamama is an amazing place to do this work where we can breathe in and by the ocean, the wild river and forest! There is limited space for our group so please contact me right away if you are interested in attending.
PachaMama Eco-Village February, 2013 with Dana DeLong and Ashanna Solaris Guanacaste, Costa RicaPacamama River.350
About the Clarity Breathwork Training Program
The Clarity Breathwork process helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, escape patterns and addictions. Clarity Breathwork combines counseling and insight as well as a somatic experiential process where clients gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming.
Clarity Breathwork emerged out of the consciousness era of more

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