Blonde Onyx


Blonde Onyx is the umbrella brand of creator and multi-disciplinary artist BuddhaBee. Blonde Onyx has several branches of content, products, and services including; music, media, clothing designs and merchandise, blog and lifestyle, as well as artistic development services. Blonde Onyx is a source of positive inspiration in a well-rounded brand and aesthetic. Life is made of polar opposites: Good/Bad, Push/Pull, Positive/Negative, On/Off, and Blonde Onyx embraces every facet of life’s true nature. Blonde Onyx invites you to see through its current, regal lens of black and gold, rather than traditional black and white!
Blonde Onyx is the solo electronic music project of vocalist, composer, producer, live-looper, and multi-instrumentalist BuddhaBee. Through his unique sound design, Blonde Onyx weaves multi-genre soundscapes that feature powerful vocals, bright melodies, and deep bass, creating feel-good audio magic on the dance floor or wherever anyone enjoys it! Blonde Onyx was created to inspire, uplift, move, and create a greater connection and understanding of life, humanity, and oneself. Connecting to music through dance and movement can be an integral part of the joyful evolutionary experience, and Blonde Onyx aims to allow for ones ‘natural transformations’ and ‘inner playfulness’ to come through.