Ancestral Sound Bath


Ancestral Sound Bath on August 20, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA : Inspired by Gary Stewart's Constellation Healing work, this sound ceremony is dedicated to forging relationships with our Ancestors, and namely the po sitive gifts they have brought into our lives.
While Gary's work is effective in clearing the negative patterning brought in though our family lines while allowing us to move to the next level clear of our old hindering stories, in this participatory Sound Bath we shall reconnect with our lineages, and acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of all who have come before to share the positive gifts they so eloquently have brought us so that we may use these for the betterment of our lives.
Participatory Sound and Meditation Exercises shall join with a full length sound bath for an invigorating and empowering workshop.
Also bring Photos of your ancestors & a piece of red cloth. If you have no photos or cloth, you can bring an object given to you by your family, or just bring yourself. We will have alternatives for those who don't bring objects.
Relax and Rejuvenate in the Healing Sounds of the Gong, Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Voice and more.
In the hands of a knowledgeable practitioner, therapeutic sound ushers you into the subconscious & parasympathetic nervous system where all healing takes place. Mari has well over 20 years of experience in both therapeutic sound, spiritual consciousness practices, and energetic medicine, and combines this knowledge to aid and assist participants in their journey towards healing and expanded awareness.
Saturday, August 20, 2016
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Continuum Movement
1629 18th St. #7 , Santa Monica, CA
21.00 pre-paid
25.00 at the Door
Pre-pay link -
What to Bring:
Bring a Pad, Blanket and Pillow to lie on the carped floor on. We also have chairs if you would like to more

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