7th Annual Super Hero Street Fair


7th Annual Super Hero Street Fair on September 17, 2016 in San Francisco, CA : Unlike any other fair or festival in this or any other universe, the SuperHero Street Fair, from the co-creators of the How Weird Street Fair, is an u nrivaled amalgamation of breathtaking entertainment, music, art, dance, contests, interactive and immersive activities and feats of strength, games and challenges that brings together the single greatest gathering of jaw-droppingly beautifully adorned, costumed super revelers known to mere mortals.
The 7th Annual SuperHero Street Fair, theme “Dance of the Disco Jedi,” will take place Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 1 pm to 11 pm.
The SuperHero Street Fair will be a unique opportunity for people to reveal their hidden talents. This year the SuperHero Street Fair asks, "How have you used your extraordinary power and abilities to help your community and those around you?" The SuperHero Street Fair will honor the good citizens of our fine metropolis with "SuperHero Awards" that celebrates the “superhero” within all of us.
No Super Hero is complete without swelling and majestic theme music to feel truly empowered and get the hair on your arms to stand up, that's why the SuperHero Street Fair will feature 7 sonic stages of beats and breaks from the Bay Area's leading EDM and Dance sound camps. Show off your best badass Batusi dance moves and gyrations from MUTI Music and the Venus Tour Bus, Enchanted Forest, Pulse, Dancetronauts, Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions, Solid Gold Jacuzzi, Trapeze and more.
You've spent a lot of time creating that one of a kind costume, so show it off to earn prestige and win prizes in the “Hero Vs Villain Kostume Kontest.” Try to out-clobber each other in the Gladiator Jousting matches and Superhero vs. Villains tug-o-war taking place every-hour-on-the ...read more

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