Sheranda Ann Kumara


Visionary Silk Painter, Sheranda Ann Kumara paints images of Goddesses and Angels to facilitate planetary healing. She received an AA degree in Fashion Design in 1984, which transformed into a love for painting on silk. For 25 years Sheranda has painted with dyes on silk. She published a book containing her writings and artwork in 2012, titled ‘Mary Magdalene in the Blissful New Earth’. Silk is alive and holds an energy of transformation and healing. That is why she chose silk painting as her fine art medium. Healing the Divine Feminine is the main focus of her art, along with raising the awareness that Galactic Beings of Light are presently working with us to create Heaven on Earth. Sheranda Ann Kumara considers her spiritual ancestry to be connected to the planet Venus. Sheranda feels that visionary art responds to the planetary healing crisis by awakening the viewer to the possibilities that life has to offer, through healing, love, and beauty. As a mother of three children, now young adults, this silk painter enjoys spending time with her new creations that emerge from her dreams. Through the use of bright, colorful imagery, that is transformational and very imaginative, Sheranda hopes that her artwork will inspire others to explore their creativity and healing path.