Contact Healer


*If your name is on a professional website - great! Otherwise, if you are an actor or director, simply be ready to show Guild Card, if student - a student ID, if an employee of another company - a paycheck stub, and soforth.
This information is not stored or retained, after your first visit you establish a nickname, which is all that we hold on to (along with partial phone number digits, so we know when you call again that you are truly that person).

Because most of our Holy Love temples are located in private live/work spaces, for both our safety and yours, we need to know a few things about you before we schedule a booking. Your information will not be stored or retained. This is just our screening policy for your first session with us.

Please tell us your profession, where you work or where you attend school if you are a student.
*Please understand you will need to show us a valid driver's license or passport upon arrival, that we may know you are truly the person whom we had screened & verified.