Wicked Hanging Chads


Out of the blue of the western sky....came an Avalanche of Love, propelling a covered wagon of hope and promise. A promise of an opportunity to bring compassion and love in the form of respect, inclusion, and diversity to the sister and brotherhoods of our communities.
In the summer of 2017, over 20,000 people of all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities, hopes and values gathered to hear the musical message of the Wicked Hangin Chads. They heard, “When will my eyes be decorated with tears of love?”, Jah fix it, fix my sight on this perennial light.” “From the unreal to the insane lead me to the real.” ,“All we really have is one another.”
Formed in 2008 in Arlington, MA, the WHC’s first received praise for their live show, which combined roots reggae, ska, and dub style rhythms within jamband format. Recent tours have honed their songwriting skills and musicianship across a broad spectrum of roots music earning them a reputation as innovators and artists. “There is inspired intention in this release. We worked for a mix of solid roots rock reggae and ska grooves powering our timeless message of Tolerance, Inclusion, Compassion and Love. As typified in the song JAH WORD on the new album ON THE ROOTS. This new album is contemporary. Set for the times we live in.