Carey Thompson


Needless to say, we are living in a very exciting time unprecedented in human civilization. Seven billion people currently live together on planet Earth and new challenges emerge daily on handling all the issues that arise with such a vast and diverse population. It is not difficult to see that our civilization as a whole is on a path towards its own demise with its uncontrolled polluting, rampant warring, unbalanced distribution of resources, and overall disharmony in relationship with each other and nature. We stand at a crossroads, a precipice, and are poised to make a major choice as a whole which will greatly determine our futures for ourselves and our offspring. It is our responsibility as humans to shift our relationship with the spirit of nature and restore our connectedness with all that is before we move beyond the point of no return and ensure our own destruction. This shift needs to occur within, deep within our consciousness, so that it can permeate throughout our bodies into our behaviors and life patterns so that the collective may be restored as it once was, in true resonance with the rest of life on this planet and the rest of life in the universe. I have discovered that the arts are perhaps the most powerful tool towards this goal. I have been deeply inspired by the creative offerings of others, through music, painting, dance, as well as by the art that surrounds us all the time in the form of forests, beaches, mountains, and rivers. Through the inspiration gathered from all these sources, I myself have developed the means to channel the current into art in the form of paintings and sculptural installation. The intention embedded within these works is to assist in the catalyzation of one’s core connection with the source, that which connects us all, to heal the schism between ourselves as humans and the world around us. Our strongest resource is inspiration, and through this means we have the power and ability to steer our society towards the path of love, beauty, and peaceful harmony which will ensure our survival on this wonderful planet we are so blessed to live upon.