Yelena Swan

Body Bliss



My name is Yelena. I come off as a very energetic, funny, strong and independent person with a positive outlook on life. I’ve been teaching languages for about 10 years now and students of all ages love me for my sparkling sense of humor, emotional support and diligent attitude.

After moving to NYC I started practicing bodywork: a combination of deep tissue massage and bliss massage. I enjoy giving massages, have a gentle touch, with delicate and soothing energy. I’m very happy to be sharing knowledge with people and feel organic in the environment where others want to practice different relaxing techniques. Each day I’m welcoming with a smile on my face and appreciation in my heart for people and things around me.

I have wonderful dreams to pursue and patience along the way. I’m hoping that my values contribute to making the world a better place and I sincerely believe it attracts like minded people. I invite you to join me soon.