Women’s Nature Day

Women's Nature Day on October 23, 2016 in Lagunitas, CA : Experience the power and beauty of a day in nature with women like you!
This daylong retreat out in peaceful, gorgeous West Marin is an ideal way to e xperience the restorative magic of the earth. This is an intimate daylong, limited to 8 women. You will receive guidance that is just for you!
Bring a friend and receive a $25 discount!
Is this you…?
• Urban living is taking its toll and effecting your well-being. You have a hunch that getting out in a peaceful, gorgeous place in nature is just the remedy you need.
• You want to keep showing up for your friends and family but it can be challenging to put yourself first. You give so much to others, now it's time for you to receive.
• You're trying to feel more connected to yourself and what really matters to you, yet the daily demands of life are just too much sometimes. You long for space for what really matters.
Let me and the Earth be your guide! On this special daylong just for women, all you have to do is receive and let yourself be nourished. Let the support of a small group of like-hearted women and the luxury of time in a beautiful place outdoors fill you up.
“The location for our Nature Day was magical, it felt nourishing to be on such sacred and diverse land. My solo time in nature was the absolute highlight for me. It was EXACTLY what my heart had been yearning for. It was also incredibly inspiring to hear and be witnessed by others in such an honored way. I especially appreciated that at the end we were given tools to bring each of our experiences ...read more

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