When Fear is Fun ~ Fear is Freed

When Fear is Fun ~ Fear is Freed on February 29, 2016 in Oakland, CA : Free and Fearful Friends,
Moment to moment we are being created by and contributing to a field of fear. This field has personal, ancestral, cultural a nd evolutionary aspects that go back to the beginning of time.
At the heart of all fear is our original freedom.
To recover our wholeness, act from our center, and be the change we wish to see in the world, we must become grand enough to feel and cherish this primordial polarity: fear and freedom, love and fear, past conditioning and future potential.
This Spring WEpractice will explore new pathways into freedom — a freedom that goes beyond fear while still including it.
Come to our open sessions on Mondays February 29 and March 7 to find out more.
And please forward this email to your friends!
(cause fear is fun with friends)
An Applied Group Learning Experience
During our spring program each of us will engage a specific area of life where we are afraid to move forward. We will use our group field as a supportive learning laboratory to move through fear. We will skillfully navigate patterning that has kept us from expressing our intelligence, care, creativity, and love.
Is there a specific area of your life where you would like to move through fear into freedom?
Love, Relationships and Dating?
Career and Calling?
Passion and Purpose?
Finding and Fulfilling Your Mission?
Deepening your spiritual practice?
WEpractice will provide a space for you to make powerful strides through fear while having FUN.
The Power of WE
We need each other in order to face our fear.
Fear is held in place by a sense of isolation, shame, and existential threat. There is an implicit belief that if we move into our fear we will die. However, more often than not this is a trance ...read more

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