Violet Jolie

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher


Newport Beach, Ca

Greetings Loves!

I am a Midwesterner at heart—raised to be humble, polite and hospitable. Tho I have always had an inherent love of travel and adventure which led me to do volunteer work and backpacking around the world. My curiosity and intuition guided me towards spirituality, healing and shamanism  at a very young age.

After I graduated college in New York,  I made my way to the Bay Area where I discovered tantra, sacred performance art and filmmaking. After I released my first film, I traveled around the country teaching workshops, performing, counseling, coaching and building community.

My most powerful experiences have often been one on one and I am excited to share my gifts with you in a very special way. 

Through the path of Tantra, we can uncover our highest wisdom  and our deepest self love.

I would love to warmly welcome you into a beautiful world where you can be present and loved, where you can let go, slow down and fully savor.

I have a decade of experience as a bodyworker, dakini, healer, tantra teacher, somatic therapist and muse. My extensive experience will allow you to rest assured---you are in great hands! Your level of service will be of the highest caliber.

I love working with gentlemen, women and couples and prefer extended sessions of 90 min + to ensure you will receive the best experience possible!

I would be truly honored to be your provider, friend and healer to nourish you and love you up from head to toe!


Violet Jolie ~ Tantra ~ CMT

Available for: Tantric Bodywork, Kundalini Bliss Massage, Couples & Doubles Tantra & Bliss.

Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga & Meditation, Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach, Couples Counseling/Love Coach, Tantra Education.