The Sacred Teachings of Peru

The Sacred Teachings of Peru on May 14, 2016 in Highland Park, NJ : Don Julio Arboleda of Pure Light Gifts and Wellness Center has invited me to bring The Sacred Teachings of Peru to his shop.
Come join us
as we meet t hose who dwell in the Sacred Mountains and Jungles.
Saturday, May 14, May 21, June 4 and June 11
This series of four experiential classes of journey and meditative work are your introduction to the Sacred Teachings of Peru. Through sacred journeys, The Sacred Ones of Light guide you as you perceive the energetic grid, the Kaypacha and how all is woven together. The Teachings show you ways to engage everyday life through non-ordinary sacred ways, thus, merging the non-ordinary into the ordinary. It could be something as simple as a change of thought, a choice to engage Life in a different way, paying more attention to that gut ping that has no thought or even logical sense to it.
One of the many treasures of the Inca is their weavings. It is easily seen in their beautiful cloths. They are Weavers of The Energetics as well. The people in Peru know that to live simply is to live with Nature and Her flows. They know that, by perceiving the energetics, one can perceive what is going on beyond the story of life. In this way, better choices can be made. They know that The Energetic is the raw stuff of creation through which all is manifested. This is the core of the Sacred Teachings.
In this first experiential class, through journey and meditative work, you become aware of your energetic body. Knowing that is the sensor net that receives “intuitive pings”, you come to know how to “read” those pings so you can consciously choose how to more

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