The Resonance Experiment

The Resonance Experiment on February 6, 2017 in , CA : The Resonance Experiment
Experience the Divine Within
An Online Webcast
With Ken Stone, The Soul Archeologist
Monday, February 6th at 9:00 am Pacific Time
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Doesn't everything we encounter come down to one of two experiences? Dissonance or Resonance. We're either looking for more Resonance – or less Dissonance – or sometimes, both!
For the last nine years, Spiritual Teacher Ken W. Stone has been teaching a revolutionary approach to being in Resonance he calls Embodied Soul Resonance. No matter how much pain or joy you feel in your body or life – Ken is going to show you how to move into deeper Resonance in a way that supports real, sustaining transformation.
Ken teaches from a totally different perspective, but perhaps most meaningfully – he actually facilitates an experience of deep resonance that is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Now, for the first time, he's going to be teaching and facilitating Embodied Soul Resonance on a large scale for the first time with a free program called The Resonance Experiment.
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The Resonance Experiment is Perfect for You If You:
Wonder why there's a gap between what you know is possible, and what's actually showing up in your life (with health, money, relationships and other important areas).
Wish there was a way to find some inner peace and joy - even though just about everything you've tried just makes you feel agitated, sad, and disconnected.
Know there's something blocking you from moving forward, but can't figure out how to clear the blocks, so you begin living in Joy and Peace.
Keep trying different approaches to the magic shortcut that leads to ultimate happiness and joy – only to discover there's more

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