The Horn of Plenty -Sound Ceremony


The Horn of Plenty -Sound Ceremony on November 12, 2016 in Irvine, CA : MYTHICAL SOUND BATH
Cornucopia - the Horn of Plenty
& essential oil of Clove
Come join Mari Fix & the "FRAGRANCE OF SOUND" ® for a special Ceremony Ci rcle - Sound Bath event celebrating abundance, giving thanks and the legend of the Cornucopia, the Horn of Plenty. There will be a purification and then together as a group, we will call in the 4 directions. (bring a rattle if you have one!) (Our special guest, Maham will bring extras).
We will be creating a sacred ushering in, clearing and gratitude blessing to both attract abundance as well as to give thanks to all areas of our lives through an Equinox offering sound celebration. Please bring fruit, a vegetable or nuts or anything you would like to give away to the earth (that is biodegradable) as well as to give thanks and celebrate her bounty while we immerse ourselves in the sacred soundings of the Gong, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls and the Mythical Conch and Horns. Following the sacred ushering, we will be releasing your offering into nature for the birds, insects, animals or earth to receive back.
Our special guest tonight is Maham Ziabakhsh who will be playing indigenous flute and rattle, holding the space, as well as co-leading the 4 directions blessing.
Tickets at the Door: 25.00
Pre-registration Tickets: 21.00 -
* pre-registration active until 5pm, Friday, Nov 11.
FOS line (818-495-5449)
Location and Details:
November 12, 2016
6 - 8 pm
OC Temple of Light
11 Goddard, Irvine CA 92618, Irvine, CA
(949) 333-1641
What should you Bring?
Please bring a piece of fruit or some nuts, or a vegetable for the cornucopia offering as well as a yoga mat / blanket or any padding or pillows you may want for the Sound Bath. Also bring a rattle if more

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