THE FLOWER OF LIFE WORKSHOP on August 5, 2016 in San Francisco, CA : We will explore special ways of opening the heart to reawaken compassion, unconditional love, and inner harmony so that you can have a direct experien ce of the Oneness while learning to activate your MerKaBa. My Flower of Life workshops are experiential, while still giving the necessary "left brain" information required for a full understanding of the course material.
Using the universal language of sacred geometry, I will show you the holographic nature of the universe; how absolutely everyone and everything is inseparable from the Oneness of Source Energy, and the One Spirit moving throughout the Cosmos.
I will also show you the illusory nature of this reality, and how its' base foundation is waveform, or vibrating energy, where incredible amounts of information are stored. From there, we will look at how this waveform information construct is decoded by our "body computers" into the world we think we are experiencing; and how in fact, we are creating the entire show from within. This entire Reality, including your body, is a holographic projection of your consciousness!!
Once this necessary ground work has been given, we can then see how we have the exact same energy fields around our bodies as do planets, galaxies, and everything else, down to and including sub-atomic particles. We will then learn how to "turn on" these fields, thus activating our light bodies, or MerKaBa fields.
When you know that everything is made of pure energy, you can truly transform your mind, emotions, heart and body to bring about an abundance of health and happiness into your life. My Flower of Life course, based upon ancient wisdom, is a methodology that teaches you to work with this pure Source Energy to access both power and wisdom.
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