The Empowered Woman!

The Empowered Woman! on June 3, 2017 in Laguna Beach, CA : Embody the Kali, Embrace the Durga and Be ready to dive deep into the yourself and celebrate your divine and sacred truth, personal medicine and the Gift of You!
This workshop is open for all women. Women who have found themselves and those in the process of Re-discovering themselves. The Empowered Woman workshop supports and guides You to embrace your true wild, primal, authentic self and power.
Women are the greatest untapped resource on this planet. Are you ready to tap in to yours?
Join noted International Teacher, Guide and Shamanic Counselor, Neelam Nanwani whose voice represents the voice of the Collective You!
She has risen from her own pain, abuse and strife to Re-member, Re-claim and Re-discover her true potential and Power.
Join us in honoring YOU, The Empowered Woman !
Aho !
Energy Exchange -
$ 225 if registered by March 31st
$ 255 if registered by April 30th
$275 if registered after April 30th
Who is the Empowered Woman?
The Empowered Woman fearlessly lives from her heart and is not afraid to bare her soul!
The Empowered Woman dares to take risks!
The Empowered Woman is not afraid to be her true, authentic self!
The Empowered Woman knows and embraces her wild, powerful force of nature!
The Empowered Woman is willing to dive into her pain and dance with her joys!
The Empowered Woman is not worried of rejection or judgment!
The Empowered Woman is ready to drop all masks and be raw!
The Empowered Woman is Ready to see her value and pull away any sense of unworthiness, shoved upon her Mind, Body and Spirit!
The Empowered Woman is willing to Express and Embrace all Parts of Herself!
The Empowered Woman honors her Divinity, her Body and her Sexuality!
The Empowered Woman revels and rejoices in the beauty and wholeness of who She is!
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