The Call of Peru

The Call of Peru on May 10, 2016 in , NJ : The Call of Peru
Fly as The Condor Flies
You ask, “Why Peru?”
There are many countries in the world that have ancient places of wisdom.
What makes Per u different than those countries?
Perhaps you will join us when we go to Peru in October and December.
Until then, you can join us in The Call of Peru.
Then, as these journeys via teleconference calls are given through
the embodiment of The Sacred in Peru, your questions can be answered.
Beginning on Tuesday, May 10, we're going to have a series of free conference calls every two weeks just for the sacred places of Peru.
Through an embodied flight, we will go to the sacred places of Peru so that you can feel the magic of Peru. When we go to Peru, magic does happen and it is magic that you bring back with you to use in everyday life.
Join us as we go to
High in the Andes, the Apu Kuña, where the air is clear and clean, the sky limitless
The Amazon, wild, primal, living pulsing vitality
The Sacred Valley, simple abundance
The Sacred Temples, ancient wisdom beyond time
It is to these sacred places and more where we will travel through embodied journeys.
The Call of Peru calls are done through a free conference call and will be held every two weeks on Tuesday evenings at 7:30PM EST. The calls will be about an hour. Here is the call-in information:
The phone number and meeting ID# are:
Phone number: 605-562-0020
Meeting ID# 227 316 000
We ask that you don't put your phone on speaker because it causes echoes and that you are in a quiet place so that surrounding noises won't disturb you or the others who will be with us during the call.
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