The Breath of Life Workshop


The Breath of Life Workshop on June 10, 2016 in Sonoma, CA : There was a time in our distant past when we were in Unity, we lived the oneness, living and seeing the One Spirit in everything. We had trans-persona l memory, what was available to one was available to all.
When we fell 13, 000 years ago, we move from Unity into separation; looking out at a world that wasn't us, as though we were all of a sudden separate and isolated entities standing apart from the rest of the creation.
This is what really happened; we moved from our Heart space, our Higher Self within, which only knows Unity, to our minds, which only knows separation. We became our minds, and because the mind is a polarized instrument, we are in a state of continual judgement.
All of the problems we have in life come from judgment; from insisting that reality should be different from how it is. Whenever we do this, we lock the energy up tight, and always in the same place, in our physical bodies. We then carry that stuck energy as pain, stress, tension, illness and disease that we then try to avoid feeling.
You may have noticed that reality is not the way it "should be" reality is the way it is. And in order to be creative and at peace, it is necessary to find a more useful relationship to the reality of your experience.
Your Higher Self is still within you, and it functions well beyond that of any capabilities that your mind might have. Reconnecting with this severed aspect of yourself gives you access to your unlimited potential; where you have an unlimited healing capability, along with reliable access to an infinite supply of inner peace, unconditional love, joy, creative expression more

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