Tantrāloka Program

Tantric Sadhana-4-204

Tantrāloka Program on June 24, 2016 in Berkeley, CA : Tantric Sādhana: The Heart of the Tantrāloka Program
First Workshop: Time, Breath, and Cognition
June 24-26, 2016 Fri: 7-9:30 pm Sat & Sun: 9 am-6 pm
Second Workshop: The Essence of Saktipata: The Descent of Grace
Thurs - Sunday June 30-July 3, 2016
The Tantrāloka: The “Light on the Tantras” was written by Abhinavagupta in the 11th century and is considered to be the seminal exposition in Tantric Shaivism. Abhinavagupta described it as a manual for liberation. The intent of this new program is to contribute to the revival of the teachings of the Tantrāloka in their deepest essence and explore the heart of its timeless written and oral wisdom. Students will learn long-forgotten, powerful meditation techniques, participate in pujas (rituals), and experience a unique program structured as regular immersions complemented by online sessions and lessons.
Oral Transmission: Bringing the Light of the Tantras back into the world. In India, the written word is always considered to be subordinate to the spoken one. Abhinavagupta himself declared, “How much can be written in a book?” It is hoped that these upcoming publications, in combination with the immersion program and online lessons, will create a detailed, extensive, and in-depth oral transmission that will contribute substantially to the revival of these teachings. The traditions that Abhinavagupta unified in his exposition of the teachings of Anuttara Trika were always transmitted in these two parallel ways, written and oral. The text is so long and complex that even the immediate meaning is not always clear, let alone its hidden implicit meaning. Yet it is this implicit meaning that is the focus of the oral transmission—the meaning we can only understand by applying the teachings in our own practice.
Meditation Techniques and Rituals: Applying the teachings in everyday life. ...read more

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