Suki Swan


Hello Loved Ones,

I am a warm and loving bodyworker ready to send you off into bliss. Allow me to guide your body, mind and spirit into full relaxation, peace and expansion. I am firm, but deep and gentle
with softness.

My sessions will calm and rejuvenate your senses, ground and uplift you.

I am certified in 720+ hours Massage Therapy, specializing in acupressure and Thai Massage. 100 hours of “Joy of Yoga” - Yoga Teacher Therapy with Jennifer Prugn. Tantra Yoga training with Charles Muir. 50 hours Restorative Yoga And Well Being @ Breathe Yoga Studio. Tantra breathing and Dance Workshop.

I stand strongly in my divine feminine power and use my intuition and
breath to guide our sessions.

Love & Light,

Suki Swan