Stella Malia

Level III Tantrika


My Dear Angel,

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you with a fully open mind and heart.... to swim in the ocean of love together and fly in the realms of light. Just say yes, and allow me to be your guide.

Together we are going to create a beautiful sacred space of pure bliss. I believe in the power of healing touch and positive energy to create a safe healing space which will transcend you beyond your current state of mind and any limitations you might have to a new level of consciousness.

I am looking forward to being your guide on Your trip of life now.

"Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude", Stella

I welcome women & men as well as couples for my body of bliss & tantra sessions.
My purely therapeutic offerings are: Lomi Lomi , Shiatsu & Craniosacral therapy.

Holsitic love and intimacy coach, certified sexological bodyworker, Somatica method trained, certified yoga instructor, certified massage therapist. Lomi Lomi certified masseuse at Shamanic Bodyworks in Kauai ~ Urban Tantra workshops with Barbara Carrellas ~ "Tantra: Sensual art of love" workshop ~ The Art of Sensual Massage workshop with Kai Wu at Skydancing Tantra school ~ Transforming Cellular Memory workshops ~ Cranio-Sacral Unwinding Energy Healing Arts level I ~ Private Tantric training with Shivakti & Temple of Bliss Tantric Priestess work for 5 years.

Ongoing Temple Education: 5/04/2017 HOLY LOVE TANTRA MEDITATION INTEGRATION & WISDOM EMBODIMENT  ~ "The main purpose of our coming together is to open our hearts so fully to one another that even the slightest remnant of fear that is consciously or unconsciously part of our human experience shall be transformed by the power of unlimited Love into an experience of Communion with a sentient, compassionate, infinitely wise Universe. We are here to teach love by the way we live." An evening workshop & practice group weaving sound, philosophy/background/explanation, demonstration & practice. Led By Queen Love.