Speed Activations

Speed Activations on November 17, 2016 in , CA : Speed Activations
Sacred Energy Activations & Transformational Healing Transmissions for the Awakening and Ascending Body, Mind, Heart & Soul
The Thir d Thursday of Every Other Month
4pm PT/5pm MT/6pm CT/7pm ET/11pm GMT
BTW: You can still get the call replay recording from the most recent Speed Activations Call
Speed Activations
These Sacred Energy Activations & Transformational Healing Events are brief 30-45 minute calls with intense Sacred Energy Activations and Tranmissions straight from Source. Each Activation call will be unique and will assist you to:
Unplug from the 3D Reality
Manage Ascension Symptoms
Unlock The Ascension Codes within You
Awaken Your Dormant Potential
Activate Your God Genes ~ Super Human Abilities
Tap into Creator Consciousness
Align with our True Source ~ Divine Creator Light
Shift into The New 5D Reality & Beyond
...and above all, these calls will assist you to Ascend and Align with Your God-Sovereign-Free Self
99% of Ascension is Emotional Healing & Energetic Alignment.
The purpose of energy healing and activations is to assist each unique soul's expression in the process of fully aligning with our God Sovereign-Free Selves and to alleviate the difficult and painful aspects of disentangling from the egoic misinterpretations of connecting and shifting into the New Paradigm.
Activations & Transmissions Do The Hard Work for You.
Energetic clearing and activtions makes YOUR Shift of Consciousness into the new, 5D Paradigm faster, easier, more graceful and even enjoyable.
Every Speed Activation Call is unique and each call provides different activations as guided by Source Consciousness. During this particular Speed Activation Call you will receive the following Speed Activations:
Clearing, Healing & Resolving The Atlantis Trauma
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