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Sound & Vibration Awareness on December 10, 2016 in , CA : SOUND & VIBRATION AWARENESS
There is a world that exists in an unseen dimension connected to this one, which is redefining what we collectively once knew as reality. This realm carries messages through vibration; that, in turn, manifests as all of what we perceive in the physical realm. This has led into the creation of a new science known as quantum physics, where we are studying and researching these vibrations to see what they mean to our existence and how we can utilize this quantum field for the betterment of humanity.
All vibrations have a resonant frequency and all frequencies have a corresponding sound that may or may not be audible to the human ear. We are made of these vibrations and each of our organs and energy centers in our bodies are tuned to different harmonic frequencies that allow us to operate at our full potential in pristine health and alignment.
This awareness was spoken of in scriptures by ancient civilizations that knew about sound, frequency and the quantum realm. They utilized this awareness in every aspect of society from the creation of megalithic structures to healing all ailments with vibration. What is it that they knew? And where did they get this information from?
In this debut online workshop, Neil Gaur will take you on a journey into the ancient past to uncover the possibilities and the mysteries that have been forgotten to us for generations, and is now resurfacing on Earth.
Explanation of the chakras and physiology of the human body
Positive and negative attributes of chakras
The Connection Between Sound & Religion
Ancient India & Sound Healing
Ancint Egypt & Their Use of Frequency
Ancient Civilizations
Vibration & Meditation
Introduction to ancient sound instruments
The Procession of the equinox,
Cycles more

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