SoulSong w/Gary Malkin & Friends


SoulSong w/Gary Malkin & Friends on November 5, 2016 in San Rafael, CA : SoulSong! A Community Celebration with Gary Malkin & Friends
This Event is the 4th in a series with intimate evenings of chant, musical artistry, poet ry and ritual where we immerse ourselves in the heart-opening magic that only music can provide.
*** tickets on sale now ***
Our next SoulSong is going to be themed on GRATITUDE, so we're presenting a Thanksgiving flavored event with remarkable musical artists including:
Special Guest: Jennifer Berezan - Singer/Songwriter and musical visionary of the "Song For All Beings" event 2-25-2017 (
Barbara Borden - "Keeper of the Beat" and an extraordinary and inspired master drummer
Rita Sahai - Hindustani vocalist, consummate musician, teacher and composer.
Miranda Macpherson - Spiritual teacher, author, workshop leader and noted speaker with musical acumen!
Kim Rosen - Poetry Performance Master who has graced our last two SoulSongs!
Vinit Allen - Bass player and founder and Executive Director of Sustainable World Coalition and Co-Founder of Planet Earth Arts
Of course, Gary Malkin will be hosting and performing as well.
SoulSong was conceived to provide our community with an inspiring way to experience a shared spirituality that includes yet transcends religion through the power of music, poetry, chant and ritual. It's designed to open your heart, while unifying and inspiring all of us to celebrate compassion, sustainability, social justice, forgiveness and gratitude during these extraordinary times of change, challenge and unrest. We believe we all would be so nourished if we allow ourselves to participate in creating this musical community event as a village.
These kinds of events create ‘the ties that bind' within our community in ways that offer a welcoming space to bond and connect with what matters most. Please join us, and share this gracious and spacious gathering with your more

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