Sex and Shame

Sex and Shame on March 25, 2017 in Berkeley, CA : Sex and Shame – A Workshop for Therapists and other Helping Professionals
with Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT and Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP, BCC
Saturday, March 25, 10am-6pm & Sunday, March 26, 10:30am-5:30pm
In Berkeley, just off I-80
$325 full price / $295 with full payment by February 17
Special price for interns
13 CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs
CAMFT Approved CE Provider #134393
Sexuality is a vital, defining part of our identity. We are at our most vulnerable when we experience sexual feelings—therefore we're the most prone to feeling shame. We are subject to sexual shaming from early childhood, when we are most vulnerable to moral judgments from family and society—and to boundary violations from family members and those older than us. Entering our teenage years, we long to be attractive to others and try desperately to "be cool" and fit in. As adults, we seek a partner and try to balance the constraints of monogamy with sexual adventure. In our mature years, our ability to function sexually diminishes and our faces and bodies are no longer as we remember them.
In this workshop, we will offer tools you can use to help clients talk about, explore, and heal the sexual shame that can arise at any stage in the life cycle—and help them towards a life-affirming sexuality.
We will:
• Discover ways to help clients become aware of the many, often conflicting messages they received about body image and sexuality from family and society.
• Learn ways to help clients repair the disconnect between self and others—and between parts of the self—which has been created by shaming, inappropriate behavior, or abuse.
• Understand counter-shaming techniques and develop tools for couples to understand their shame triggers and communicate about taboo sexual topics.
• Work with the shame that can cause and result from affairs.
• Identify more

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