Saraya Jewel

Body Bliss


Since I was young, I've imagined creating a womb space for others. I provide a space where you can show up authentically, deeply, and soften with my support. I am a seeker of truths, a sorceress of love alchemy, and a lover of all things magic. 
I have lived and studied in New York, London, Israel and Australia. I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so I can grow and expand into the women and healer I feel I have come to this earth to be. I am most passionate about combining the magic of spirituality with the revealing and loving nature of relationships and loving embodiment. 
Let's explore your inner world and fiery depths. I use energetic touch and exchange, authentic relating, and messages/intuition to guide the session.


Degree in Human Sexuality and Psychology: This was my first introduction to the world of human embodiment, through science, technicalities and psychology. From this course, I learned the fundamentals of Human engineering and decided to go find the missing heart of this field, through spiritual practice.
Lacy Philips Shadow Course: In this course, we learned to meet and integrate our shadow. This has taught me how to help others explore their shadowy depths and learn how to integrate them. 
Reiki Level I, II by Lisa Powers: Reiki is a form of energy healing. Here, I learned how to use reiki to help heal, calm, and bring others into deep states of consciousness. 
Awakening Men by Shaney Marie, Alejandra Nicolazzo and Jared Osborne : This was a 4 day immersion DESIGNED TO RELEASE DIS-EMPOWERING BELIEFS and discover how to AWAKEN the hearts and souls of the MEN THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT.
The Devotional Woman with Shaney Marie: Here, we explored the sacred energetic and physical centers of the feminine body. 
The Enchanting Woman with Shaney Marie:

In this workshop we Journeyed with the transformational powers of dance, magical practice, sacred embodiment and self revealing.

Fundamentals of Tantric Yoga by Cam Fraser: This was an amazing introduction to tantric yoga as an individual practice, learning to cultivate tantra deep into our being without a partner.
Volunteer at Celebrating Life: This is a councils festival in Australia that celebrates your divine embodiment  and self authenticity. Here, I did lots of amazing workshops exploring sacred practices.
Volunteer at Seven Sisters Festival: This is an all womens conscious festival in Australia that offered deep and powerful workshops on expression, womens health, embodiment, and magick.