Born and raised in Germany, Samashti discovered her passion in music and as a vocalist at an early age.
Traveling and living in India for most of her twenties, the elements of meditation and spirituality entered Samashti’s world of music and developed further when she discovered the depth and beauty of Brazilian music in more recent years. Samashti has been singing with Carioca Freitas for many years.

Her music is inspired by a universe of medicine music from around the world.

Samashti and Steve connected with each other in medicine and music and created this beautiful collection of Brazilian Devotional Songs. Steve is a gifted recording artist and multi instrumentalist.

"With our music, we hope to bring more light and healing to the world. Our songs carry the vibe of the precious plant medicines from around the world. We feel that raising our consciousness is about the best thing we all can do for this world. Be the light, sing the light!"