Sacred Conversations


"The moment you say 'YES' you open up. The very climate of yes and your flower starts blooming, as if it has been wanting for it, and waiting long, maybe for many lives. Yes is spring to the flower of the soul.” ~Osho

"Shamana Ma leads us in engaging with the immediate urgency of being alive. Her Tigress gait leads us thru the jungles of sensual abundance, by a masterful prowess to hunt for love in all of its glitter and fur, to jump and bite thru into the tender fire source of juice and joy. Again and again, leading thru the ancient gateways of the eternal lesson: to hunt and ravish our hearts desire until … we have finally found our greatest belonging … ourselves, lying naked and delicately alive on the fertile ground of truth." Michael Gaio

Awaken. Be free to see and clear to hear. There is no division. "You and I are not 'We'; you and I are One." (Meher Baba) There is no fragmentation in life at all; the welfare of each one of us is inseparable from the welfare of all others. Salvation. Self-realization, nirvana, moksha - these are just different words for the discovery of the unity of all life. Let us fight the good fight and wage the war within, the lifelong struggle between the darkness and the divine. Let us invoke Kali Ma to clear the debris of outdated thought forms which no longer serve us.

Remember. Touch deeply in to the heart of truth. Within each of us exists the spark of the Infinite Source of Love. Within each of us exists - our Soul. Let us dive in together and explore what the Soul wishes to reveal. Learn to have your own "line to the divine" - how to get God on the phone, how to receive guidance from your Soul and how to open yourself to receive guidance from your Guardian Guides. I am simply a switch-board operator. I teach you how to "dial-up." I remind you of what you may have forgotten.

Activate. "The Sacred Yes" is the most powerful & potent "ON" switch. What are you saying YES to in your life? What are you co-creating in your Life Story & your Love Story? I invite you to have a Sacred Conversation with me about anything & everything: from your deepest fears to your highest aspirations, from your darkest confessions to your most inspired Soul's purpose. Let us free you of what binds you, while reminding and reflecting your highest excitement, that you may live awake in your dream. Life is Beautiful & You are Loved.

Awaken. Remember. Activate. Heaven is near, heaven is here. Go in. Go gain. Bloom!
Say Yes.
Holy Love, Shamana Ma

We urge you to be honest and genuine.

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Cost is $200/hr. Prepayment is required.