River of Bliss Camp


River of Bliss Camp on August 11, 2016 in Lotus, CA : A transformative adult summer camp “Restival" a 4 day/3 night retreat on the American river near Tahoe about 2 hrs from the bay area. Unplug, reconne ct with nature and community, be a kid at camp again. Enjoy catered meals, participatory experiential activities like yoga, conscious dance, meditation, playshops, exciting and fun class 2-3 rafting (optional), live music, connection and community. Amazing new property this year featuring tent cabins and a ropes course/zipline!
Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Conscious Dance
Delicious Catered Meals ~ Rafting ~ Playshops
Sound Healing ~ Massage ~ Sing-Alongs ~ Music and Kirtan
Swimming ~ Splashing ~ Kids Camp ~ Talent show ~
Connection ~ Love ~ Community ~ Magic ~ Transformation
We are excited to introduce this years presenters -
*Sylvie Minot 5Rhythms dance
*Marc Coleman of Spirit Rock mindful meditation "Awake in the Wild nature practices"
*DJ Panjea(AKA Dean Halpren) Express your inner wild child at our evening dance jams
*Kenny Johnson Author of the Last Hustle. Build intimacy through a group satsung
*Miranda Macpherson Lift your frequency with a Gayatri singing and meditation practice
*Stephen Dinan Clear out layers of past wounding and open to expanded states through holotropic breathwork
*Devaa Haley Mitchell Sing your heart out with chants
from multiple traditions in our evening of “world kirtan”
*DJ Bob Duchmann Express your inner wild child at our evening dance jams
*Lori Schwanbeck Cultivate sensory awareness in nature and the principles offered through Search Inside Yourself
*Zora Coeur de Roy Bio Danza. Dive deep with an intimate and playful dance exploration
*Suraya Keating Expand your creativity through an improvisational playshops and yoga
*Mika Scott Explore contact improv and embodied play, campfire sing alongs
*Spruce (AKA Bruce Hauschildt) Deeply relax a journey of sound healing
*Jesse Bloom of Sacred Kitchen Catering gourmet meals made with ...read more

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