River Kaya

Body Bliss


Visiting dakini

Greetings beautiful beings,

I am here as a guide and conduit to the realms of bliss, delighting and inspiring those I come into contact with. Governed by earth, water, and fire, I am excited to help you ground into your being, ignite from within, and flow with ease. I see the body as a temple, one that requires attention, love, care, nurturing, prayer, and encouragement. My intention is to create a space of safety, a container where the deepest levels of healing can be reached.

I see everything as a creative act and use this force to activate our work together. I am a somatic hypnotherapist and artist, with experience in Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, Shamanism, plant medicine, meditation, breath work, and energy work.  I see the shadow as a great keeper of wisdom, and believe the integration and healing of the shadow is done through the Divine Feminine, so this is the energy I channel in my work.

Although my studies have taken me all over the world, intuition and the heart are my greatest teachers. My touch and presence is nourishing and uplifting, and I love to listen. I look forward to ushering you towards your liberation, radiance, and divine potential.

Love, River Kaya

Licensed hypnotherapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher, reiki 1 & 2, theta healing, varied tantra workshops and a 3 1/2 year coaching program that was centers in tantric philosophy, psychology, and yoga.