Pre-Lucidity Festival Courseweek


Pre-Lucidity Festival Courseweek on April 4, 2016 in Santa Barbara, CA : LUCIDITY FESTIVAL SPEARHEADS PATHWAYS TO ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION!
In its Fifth Year, the Event Offers 3 Day “University” Courseweek Prior to Event SAN TA YNEZ, Calif. – ​Lucidity Festival​, a mainstay in the Santa Barbara region and a trendsetter in the blossoming Southern California music and arts festival community, is entering its fifth year at the Live Oak Campground from April 8 10, 2016. Prior to the event opening to the public, a select group of participants can enroll in the ​Lucidity University Courseweek​, a series of master classes taught by leading instructors from April 4 6th.
The University program is an expansion of an incredibly successful Permaculture Design Certification offered in 2014, where more than 35 students spent the week learning techniques and best practices around designing in harmony with natural ecosystems. That pilot program culminated in a Permaculture Action Day in Santa Barbara where more than 150 volunteers worked on community improvement projects while dancing to the music of The Polish Ambassador and Ayla Nereo.
Lucidity Festival is offering five different realms of study, each designed to appeal to those seeking opportunities outside of the traditional education system, to jumpstart their outlook and creative thinking, and to train students to apply valuable techniques to their career paths.
“We've noticed that traditional education is not for everyone,” said Jonah Haas, Marketing Director for Lucidity Festival LLC. “Many fall through the cracks or don't see a place for themselves in the system. Lucidity, as a “transformational” festival has sought to be a place for people to experiment with new ways of being, to learn new skills, and to experience a set of possibilities that are not typically offered in today's degree more

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