Portal to the New Earth


Portal to the New Earth on May 6, 2016 in Yucca Valley, CA : BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW and save money, they go up in price each tier. Tickets won't be sold at gate, they must be purchased in advance
You are invited t o be part of a drug and alcohol free 3 day camp out gathering May 6-8 at the magical Boulder Gardens near Joshua Tree, CA sharing experiences, wisdom and knowledge to birth the New Earth.
Set amidst the amazing permaculture community and gardens being developed here for over 30 years. Please watch the interview with owner and founder Garth:

There will be ceremonies, presentations, meditations, sound healing journeys, yoga and a night of ecstatic dance in a variety of settings to align you with the new paradigm. (see below)
Group breakfasts and dinners will be provided by Sol Tribe Cuisine.
The Amethyst Portal with the Quasar Wave Transducer will be there along with the climbable Heart Star and Diamond Portal Outlines:


Presentations & Ceremonies by:
Alaya Love - Elder & Wisdomkeeper
Hopi Ryder, Maria Teresa Chavez & Robear - Opening Ceremony & Invocation
Harlan Emil Gruber - Conceiving Future Envrionments
Geisty Majique - A Sacred Earth
Alexa Bernard - Social Permaculture
Shamanatrix Missy Galore - Aura Fluff the Lovelution
Shine Rilling - Peace Sticks
Sound Healers:
David Starfire - individualized chakra and binaural sound healing sessions using the SubPac
Matthew & Jessi Flowers - Light Language Transmissions
Light Hawk & Andi - Didgeridoo, Flute & Drumming
Danny Goldberg - Gongs
Shane Chunephisal - Crystal Bowls
Torkom Ji - 432Hz sound healing journey
Durian Songbird - Star Key
Patrick Kokopalien
Athena StarSeed
Lucinda Loves
Fri. Night Heart Music
Elisa Rose
Samuel J
Sat. Night Ecstatic Dance:
David Starfire
Imagika Om
Gabriel Terrakroma
Itom Lab
Visuals - Michael Strauss
Limited to 200 tickets:
40 Super Discount - $111 SOLD OUT
40 2nd Tier- $180
40 3rd Tier - $190
40 4th Tier - $201
40 Full Price - $211
Eventbrite ticketsales: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/portal-to-the-new-earth-tickets-21904636357
Directions to Boulder Gardens:
Coordinates: 34.212979, -116.556662
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