Noëlle Meta

Level II Tantrika


Newport Beach, Ca

My first love was the ocean. Nearly every day of my life until l left for college, I would go and lay on the beach and open to earth and sky. I grew up in Hawaii around parents who didn’t mind nudity. They weren’t nudists per se, but they would often go to the beach by our house together, rolling around in the sand while my sister and I would dance like dolphins in the ocean. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized how different most people’s experiences were growing up.
I first moved to Los Angeles like many people dreaming that I might one day be one of those familiar faces on TV. I tried that life for years. Eventually I met a partner, my first “Consort”, who helped me see the deeper current running through my life. He called himself the Dakini Whisperer. I didn’t know at the time what a Dakini was, but he helped me see how my unique childhood connected me to a deeper current running through life. Call it God, or Spirit, or the Great Mystery, since I was younger my body, my heart, my soul have been an effortless channel for the divine. I always experienced this as a kind of pervasive bliss, but he helped me realize that that same energy channeled into another is the essence of true healing.
Years later I found the hybrid path of Tantra & Egyptian Magick - the cultivation of activating energies in the physical and energetic bodies as fuel for heightened capabilities or superpowers, what some people call Siddhis.
At different moments in my life I have been called artist, healer, fashion designer, actress, model, photographer, bodyworker, spirit weaver. I have since given up on defining who or what I am. I wake up each day and am called by the Great Unknown to be an evolutionary conduit for building a New Earth. At this moment, this has appeared to me in the form of Sacred Ritual and Therapeutic Massage with conscious, powerful, loving beings whose destiny is to support the world during this great change.