Night of the Hummingbird

Night of the Hummingbird on February 17, 2017 in San Francisco, CA : Seek the nectar. Ignite imagination. Spread the vibe.
A hybrid concert event opening with provoking speakers, launching into rock 'n' soul from SF's Tracorum, and sliding into the boogie-down dance party with DJ Sasha Rose.
We have a fundraising goal to support 8 scholarships to help kids and their families attend nature immersion and connection experiences this summer.
Dress to have fun and inspire!
* Rock N' Soul and Gospel Thunderfunk from San Franciso's Own
- with special guest guitarist Mark Karan (Bob Weir, Rat Dog)
- guest sax from Joe Cohen of (Jazz Mafia, West Coast Horns)
* Late Night DJ set from Sasha Rose
* Circus Performances by Bay City Rollers
(last performed at The Edwardian Ball)
The first part of the evening will also feature guest speakers relating spirituality & science; nature connection & education; regenerative community & cultural resiliance:
* Melissa Sutor, MS, MA - Founder of Dragonfly Healing Center
- What are the goals, priorities and considerations of inclusion & diversity - both in our local san francisco community, but also as global citizens?
- In these considerations, how can we find guidance from nature?
- How does mindfulness create inclusion?
- What does "Don't Hate, Meditate" really mean?
- How can we become more aware of the illusion that we are separate?
* Lisa Padilla - CEO of SpiritualVR
- What has been the pathway of separation (and emerging reunion) between spirituality and science?
- What is the role of emerging technology in supporting humanity's awakening?
* Michelle Lawton - Educator, Founder of Stretch the Imagination
- What is "nature connection" and what roles of importance does it play in supporting childhood development?
- What is Nature Deficit Disorder and how is it affecting kids in today's society?
- What role can we all play in supporting the natural brilliance of more

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