Mystical Alchemy Sacred Sound Tour


Mystical Alchemy Sacred Sound Tour on September 28, 2016 in , CA : Mystical Alchemy Ceremonies bring sound healing, music and ritual together in an inspiring and transformational way. Maui based innovative visionary m ystics Heather Salmon and Donny Regal bring decades of experience as professional prayerformers, healers and agents of change.
Each journey is unique and their sound baths are deeply relaxing and healing for the mind, body and spirit. Mystical Alchemy ceremonies incorporate sacred and uplifting music, as well as the vibrational frequencies of 432 hz crystal singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning, guided imagery, isochronic tones and binaural beats to assist with brainwave entrainment which is believed to affect cognition, stress management, and detoxification on a cellular level.
Wed Sept 28th, 8pm
Thurs Sept 29th, 10am-noon – Yoga & Sound Healing
Sierra Hot Springs (Sierraville, CA)
Sun Oct 2nd, 6:30pm
Mystic Journey Book Store (Venice Beach)
Mon Oct 3rd, 7pm
Roots for Wellness Center (Pasadena)
Wed Oct 5th, 7pm
Venice Beach Tree House B&B
Sat Oct 8th, 11am
One Love Experience Festival (Ojai)
Sun Oct 9th
Temple of Isis Convocation (Geyserville)
Tues Oct 11th
Private House Ceremony (Pacifica)
Wed Oct 12th, 7pm
Unity Marin (Novato)
DONNY REGAL (Keyboards & Vocals)
Donny Regal works with music as a spiritual source of inspiration, healing and spiritual awakening. He has provided musical support for spiritual events, ceremonies, dances and Tantric pujas for the last twenty five years and has worked with Sophia and other spiritual recording artist as a producer and musician to create many Spiritual and New age albums. He has studied the work of Margo Anand, Lori Grace Star and Mantak Chia and Marshal Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales and has been integrating this work into his intimate relationships for many years. He is highly versed in Compassionate Communication and is constantly integrating it into his Tantric practice. He is the developer of “The Lover's Language.”

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